Navigating the Crossroads of Dreams and Reality with the Virgo Full Moon on February 24th 2024.

The Dreamweaver’s of Pisces: New Moon March 10th - Birthing Celestial Revelations

Navigating the Crossroads of Dreams and Reality with the Virgo Full Moon on February 24th 2024. As the celestial dance unfolds, we arrive at a culmination point: the Full Moon in meticulous Virgo on February 24th, 2024 at 12.30pm GMT. This lunar event weaves its silvery threads upon a world already swimming, or possibly drowning, in the dreamy, emotional tides of Pisces season. Virgo whispers a counterpoint, urging us to ground ourselves in practicality and navigate the swirling chaos with clear-eyed awareness. It’s time to reconcile fantastical visions with tangible steps. To weave the magic of inspiration into practical, daily, action.

This is World is swimming or drowning?

This fastidious Moon, shines a spotlight on health, service, and the inherent desire to create order amidst the current 3D pandemonium. It illuminates areas of our lives where precise attention and responsible action are needed, prompting us to nurture our well-being and take charge of our routines and daily habits. It starts with you choosing you.  When we each choose ourselves first, give to ourselves first, honour our own well-being we have more energy and capaciousness to offer in service to others.

On the opposing side of the astrological wheel, we find the Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn residing in the wistful waters of Pisces. This potent combination amplifies our psychic sensitivity, and yearning for spiritual connection. However, Saturn’s presence serves as a sobering reminder to discern between genuine intuition and escapist fantasies. As Mercury, Sun and Saturn all gather at 9 degrees of Pisces on February 28th some tough choices will need to be made regarding current limitations and boundaries. It could lead to a hard stop, an irrevocable ending. Father Time is demanding a reality check, ensuring our feet remain firmly planted on the ground even as our heads reach for the stars.  

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Era of Aquarius

Amplifying this cosmic party is the fiery conjunction of Mars, Venus and Pluto in Aquarius. This volatile aspect ignites passion and power dynamics. Causing us to encounter situations that force us to dive deep into the weeds of our shadowlands to confront the power struggles playing out in our personal relationships and wider collective lives. The global war drums are sounding loudly but so are the calls for freedom.  2024’s Wood Dragon’s ultimate question is “Are you free? Are we free?” Amidst the intensity, lies the potential for profound transformation and the unleashing of untapped creative forces. Within the crucible of challenge lies the gift of rebirth and renewal.

Into the mix Chiron, the wounded healer, joins forces with the North Node of our collective destiny in dynamic Aries. This karmic conjunction offers an opportunity for healing deep wounds and forging a new path forward. It is forcing us to awaken from the collective dream of our victim consciousness and own our sovereign selves, aligned with our highest potential. 

Dark as the night, bold as the Witch’s might

This is the dark night of our collective soul.  The cosmic message is writ large; our world is changing, and fast.  It needs to change. Our collective way of life has become unsustainable.  Tap into the morphogenetic field, raise your frequency from fear to love and download your contribution to the new forms we desperately need to take us forward.  Education, health, government, money, food – it ALL needs an upgrade and the time is NOW.

The Virgo Full Moon’s Sabian symbol, a “Merry-Go-Round,” reflects a feeling of cyclical recurrence – familiar patterns holding us back. While progress seems elusive, each repetition offers new perspectives and the chance to break free. Will you choose to keep riding or leap for true advancement?  

Saturn’s influence, although seemingly harsh, pushes us to dismantle rose-tinted glasses and face the truth, however uncomfortable it may be. This reality check isn’t meant to be a defeatist experience, but rather a powerful catalyst for positive change. By acknowledging actuality, we empower ourselves to make conscious choices that create a meaningful life experience. It’s about trading fleeting fantasies for the enduring satisfaction of genuine progress.

Healing relationships

Use this cosmic invitation to shed the burdens of the past and embrace the vibrant possibilities that lie ahead.  What do you need to do differently in order to fully choose you?  Reflect on where your need for approval might lead you astray, and step into relationships with confidence and a clear understanding of your own worth. Healthy, supportive relationships fuel our journey, not drain it.

Embrace disillusionment as liberation. Mercury in Pisces offers genius solutions if we get quiet enough to hear them.

Recognize that holistic health takes centre stage under this Virgo Full Moon. While our Virgin traditionally governs physical well-being, it also encompasses the intricate ecosystem of our gut microbiome. Therefore, heed the Moon’s call to prioritize self-care in all its forms: nourish your body with clean, wholesome foods, prioritize restful sleep, hydrate with pure water and engage in practices that nurture your emotional and mental health. A healthy body is the temple of a vibrant spirit.

Plan first

This Moon urges us to translate inspiration into action. Don’t allow the dreamy haze of Pisces to lull you into inertia. Plan, organize, and execute. Dreams without action are merely figments of our imagination, but dreams fuelled by action carry the power to reshape our world. As the saying goes “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” – what’s your first step today? And each day thereafter ask “what’s my next step?”  

Virgo, the sign of analysis and discernment, reminds us that imperfection is beautiful. Perfectionism, although tempting, is a trap and a procrastinator’s best excuse. Embrace the fact that progress, not perfection, is the true marker of growth. Celebrate your unique contributions, flaws and all. We’re all deliciously messy humans doing the best we can. Your authenticity is invaluable. In a world obsessed with polished facades, your genuine expression adds a touch of vibrant reality to the great mutating utterance of life.

This Full Moon urges us to reach beyond our individual bubbles and work towards collective solutions. Support the innovative individuals who are carving new paths, and offer your unique talents and perspectives to initiatives that benefit all. We are stronger together than we are apart. By weaving our talents, skills, and dreams into a cohesive whole, we can create a world where compassion reigns supreme, where innovation flourishes, and where the seeds we plant today blossom into a brighter tomorrow for all. 

The stars guide us, but it’s our choices that ultimately define our journey. This moon is asking you to reassess your daily devotions.  What are you in charge of? What are you responsible for? Listen to your body.  What’s healthy for you right now? Under Virgo’s lunar illumination, take a deep breath, centre yourself, and choose wisely. Choose clarity over confusion, action over stagnation, and collaboration over division. Choose to be the change you wish to see in the world, one grounded step at a time.  Wishing you all infinite full moon love and blessings.

A ritual to honour the Virgo full moon and harness its potent energy.

This shamanic journey invites you to connect with the earthy spirit of Virgo, release what no longer serves you, and plant seeds of intention for a more harmonious future.


Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. On your altar place a small bowl of earth, a white candle, a feather, and an object that symbolizes personal growth for you (a seed, a crystal, a drawing).

Set your intention for the journey, focusing on purification, release, and renewal.  You might like to read through the following a few times first so the steps are clear in your mind before you begin.

Journey into the Earth:

Close your eyes and take deep, cleansing breaths. Imagine roots growing from your feet, anchoring you firmly to the earth. Feel the stability and support of the ground beneath you.

Call upon the Earth Spirit of Virgo, guardian of order and growth. See her in your mind’s eye, perhaps as a nurturing woman with earthy robes and hands adorned with seeds and flowers. Ask her permission to journey with her.

With the feather as your guide, follow the Earth Spirit into the earth. Travel through dark tunnels, feel the cool earth against your skin, and smell the damp scent of fertile soil. This is the realm of the subconscious, where hidden aspects of yourself reside.

You arrive in a vast garden, overgrown with tangled vines, wilting flowers, weeds and neglected patches. This represents parts of your life that require attention and release. Observe with compassion, without judgment.

With the Earth Spirit’s guidance, use the feather to gently clear away the clutter, allowing sunlight to reach the fertile earth beneath. Release anything that no longer serves you, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, or past hurts. Imagine these releasing as wisps of smoke carried away by the wind.

Take your personal growth symbol and plant it in the newly cleared earth. Visualize it taking root, drawing nourishment from the fertile soil. This represents your intentions for personal growth and transformation.

Express gratitude to the Earth Spirit for her guidance and support. Slowly

ascend back up the tunnel, feeling the pull of the earth growing stronger. Open your eyes and stretch, take some deep breaths, bringing your newfound clarity and intention back with you.

Write down your insights and experiences from the journey. Spend some time meditating with your symbol of growth, visualizing its continued development.

Remember, the true magic happens in the steps you take after the journey. Use your newfound clarity to declutter your physical space, set realistic goals, and cultivate mindful habits that support your growth. The Virgo full moon’s energy lingers long after its peak, empowering you to create a life that is organized, harmonious, and aligned with your highest potential.

May the Virgo full moon illuminate your path towards growth and transformation.

So Mote it be….

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