Finding Balance: Unveiling the Secrets of the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Finding Balance: Unveiling the Secrets of the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Brace yourselves for a cosmic whirlwind

Finding Balance: Unveiling the Secrets of the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Brace yourselves for a cosmic whirlwind as the Libra Full Moon lunar eclipse sweeps in on March 25th at 7am GMT.  It’s a penumbral eclipse nestling in the periphery of the South Node, the dragon’s tail, forcing us to release what no longer serves us. The finger of destiny is poking sharply. Beckoning us to confront the shadows lurking within our most cherished relationships and deepest desires. So much shadow, so little time. This is powerful medicine promising a profound metamorphosis. Demanding we shed the skin of outdated habit patterns and step boldly into a new collective dream filled with possibility.

So much shadow, so little time.

Yet, this Libra eclipse remains the foreword to the main event; the full power New Moon Solar eclipse in Aries on April 8th followed by the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction shattering of belief systems on April 20th.

Grandmother moon is holding court, alone in Libra whilst the celestial stronghold is gathered predominantly in the opposite signs of Aries and Pisces.  All cosmic eyes fully focussed on this lunation, it’s the celestial star of the show.  What will be revealed? What needs to surface? What needs to complete?  What needs to transform?

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Secrets of the Libra Full Moon

The eclipse’s shadowy fingers beckon us into the underworld of our psyches. That fertile domain where our deepest fears, wounds and unprocessed pain gestate. In Libra relationships take centre stage. The dynamics in your closest unions – be they romantic partners, soul-bound friends, or business collaborators – are undergoing a tectonic shift. Libra’s penchant for people-pleasing and co-dependency will be laid bare, as the fiery Aries energy insists, we awaken to our sovereign, individuated selves. Where we have abandoned authenticity to avoid conflict, the cosmic tide compels us to reclaim our inner authority.

Unexpected shifts

This eclipse demands brutal honesty and open communication. Bringing unexpected shifts as hidden resentments, long-suppressed frustrations, and imbalances in dynamics bubble up. Although the ride will be bumpy, the unearthing of shadows is a prelude to profound growth and inner gold.

The moon’s reflection casts light upon our unconscious patterns, our wounds, and our conditioning. What we cannot see in ourselves, the cosmic mirror of relationship will reveal. Embrace these shadow fragments, for in their integration lies the pathway to wholeness. Like drilling deep into the earth to release potent gemstones, diving into our darkness liberates our radiance.

Time to look at our Shadow

Shadow work isn’t meant to leave us wallowing in the depths of despair. It’s a crucible, a forge for transforming the raw materials of our past into the tools of our future. Whispering courage and independence in our ears, the influence of Sun in Aries ignites the warrior within. Rewrite the narrative of victimhood, claim your power, and step into that sovereign Soul you incarnated to be. By acknowledging imbalances and unhealthy behaviours; we actively heal past wounds, release limiting beliefs, and reclaim our lost power and energy.

Venus, conjoining Saturn in Pisces, adds power to this honest and essential reassessment of our bonds. Some unions will be fortified through this alchemical process, their unbreakable core revealed. While others will need to be released with grace. As Venus dances with unruly Uranus, a rebellious spark for freedom in relationship may ignite, calling us to co-create new paradigms of sovereign relating.

Yet, amidst the drama, a softer note resonates. Libra, ruled by the planet of love, Venus, reminds us of the delicate dance essential in any fulfilling connection. It’s not just about asserting our needs; it’s about cultivating loving kindness, towards ourselves and others.

A necessary process

Neptune squaring our galactic centre during this eclipse connects us to the Totality and at the same time can have us feeling utterly discombobulated.  It’s an operating system upgrade but the shadows have to be purged first.  It’s easy to become defensive in this energy. Keep breathing and opening into the closed spaces.  We’re changing something deep within our personal identity.  This is a Soul awakening. It’s unknown and outside our control. Gather your courage and walk in deep trust into the Mystery.

While the fiery essence of Aries urges us to take action, the omniscient presence of Pisces reminds us to trust our intuition. Pay close attention to the whispers of your dreams, the intuitive nudges that appear from nowhere. The Universe is offering guidance through symbols and emotions. Imagine standing at the precipice of a magnificent waterfall, the cascading water a metaphor for the transformative energy of this eclipse season. Surrender to the flow, trust the process, and embrace the metamorphosis unfolding before your eyes. Let the celestial currents carry you, towards a future where your intuition and actions are beautifully aligned.

Shadow of Retrograde Mercury

Mercury has entered its shadow period before it turns retrograde.  The cosmic messenger is asking us to reflect, go inwards and be mindful of our projections.

We begin Mercury in Aries retrograde on April Fool’s day. The Joker wants to support your Souls’ medicine by helping us rewrite the Chiron narrative of victim consciousness. Chiron is still conjunct the North Node of our collective destiny creating mass trauma healing of oppression consciousness that will hit its peak at the solar eclipse.

The celestial dance is a mirror reflecting back our own potential. Let’s shed the skin of the past, and embrace the magnificence we were always meant to be. Imagine a world where partnerships aren’t based on co-dependency or fear, but on mutual respect, shared values, and a commitment to growth. This eclipse invites us to envision such a world and take concrete steps towards creating it.

However, not all connections are created equal. The influence of Pluto, our Dark Lord of the underworld, reminds us to use discernment, for setting boundaries with love, and surrounding ourselves with those who uplift and inspire us.

One word: Compassion

The lingering influence of Pisces whispers a final message: compassion. The shadow work unearthed by the eclipse might trigger feelings of shame or regret. These emotions are simply signposts on our journey towards growth. Embrace them with gentleness, forgive yourself for past mistakes, and extend the same grace to those around you. For in the reflection of the other, we discover the inexhaustible beauty and truth of our own Soul’s essence. When triggered by another’s seeming flaws, look inward – for that which irks you has taken root in your own psychic ecosystem. With unflinching honesty, excavate the ways you too have embodied that pattern, then gift yourself the tender mercy of release.

The Sabian symbol for this moon is: “A person watches their ideals taking a concrete form before their inner vision” Ever imagine something so clearly it feels real? That’s the power of this symbol. It’s about putting your thoughts and feelings out there, turning them from whispers in your head to something tangible. Of course, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes what you get isn’t exactly what you envisioned. This symbol reminds us to be mindful of what we wish for, because we might just get it.

We are the midwives of a new humanity, birthing a more conscious, decentralized paradigm from the ashes of the old. Can you hear the grassroots uprising swelling, the cries for localization and empowered community resonating through the realms? Remembering that forceful action must be tempered by emotional fluidity, a willingness to merge with the great mystery rather than trying to conquer it.

Eclipses are wild card, pivot points.  Evolutionary changes are being called for.  The shadows that lurk at the edges of this one are simply unopened birthday presents waiting to be delighted in. For in this rebirth and renewal, it is the crepuscular depths that shall gift you your most resplendent self. Let’s rise to the challenge. Keep our frequency high, maintain a sense of humour, rewrite our narratives, and step boldly into a future brimming with possibilities.  Wishing you all infinite full moon love and blessings

Shamanic Ritual for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Davina Mackail

This shamanic ritual offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the Full Moon’s power, release imbalances, and embrace a renewed sense of harmony within and around us.


Gather your tools:

A white candle (representing the Full Moon)

A black candle (representing the eclipse’s shadow)

Incense (such as lavender or jasmine for balance)

A bowl of water

A feather

A small white pouch

Herbs or crystals associated with Libra (rose quartz, amethyst, chamomile) – optional

Paper and pen

Your journal

Cleanse your space: Smudge your ritual area with incense or create a smoke bath with cleansing herbs like sage or mugwort.

Set your intention: Take some quiet time to reflect on what imbalances you wish to address in your life. Is it a relationship that needs attention? An internal struggle between logic and emotion? Write down your intention on a piece of paper.  Stated in the positive as if it has already happened: eg “I am fully loved and supported in all ways”

The Ritual:

Light the white candle, symbolizing the Full Moon’s illuminating power.

Light the black candle, acknowledging the eclipse’s transformative potential.

Cast a circle of protection, calling upon the directions (North, South, East, West) and the spirits of nature.

Releasing Imbalance:

Hold the paper with your written intention and stand near the black candle.

Visualize the imbalance you wish to release as a dark cloud surrounding you.

With focus and emotion, read your intention aloud, stating your desire to let go of this imbalance.

Dip the feather into the water and flick it towards the black candle, symbolizing the cleansing and release of the disharmony.

Embracing Balance:

Move towards the white candle, representing the Full Moon’s balancing energy.

Close your eyes and envision the qualities you wish to cultivate to achieve balance. Is it forgiveness, compromise, or stronger boundaries?

See yourself embodying these qualities, radiating a sense of inner peace and harmony.


Sit comfortably and take slow, deep breaths.

Hold the crystals or herbs (if using) and feel their grounding energy.

Visualize the Full Moon’s light integrating the released imbalance with your newfound sense of balance.

Sealing the Ceremony:

Thank the spirits for their guidance.

Extinguish the candles with a snuffer or your fingers (avoid blowing them out).

Fold the paper with your intention and place it inside the pouch.

Carry this pouch with you as a reminder of your commitment to achieving balance.

Throughout the next lunar cycle reflect on your intention and the steps you can take to maintain balance in your life.

Observe situations where imbalances arise and practice the tools learned in this ritual for continued harmony.

So mote it be…..

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