Earthly Abundance: Nurturing the New Moon in Taurus May 8th

Earthly Abundance: Nurturing the New Moon in Taurus May 8th

Earthly Abundance: Nurturing the New Moon in Taurus May 8th . As we welcome the earthy embrace of the New Moon in Taurus on May 8th at 4.22 BST, we find ourselves seduced by the gentle allure of Venus’s realm. This celestial event, invites us to turn our gaze towards life’s simple pleasures – those sweet moments that soothe our souls and quiet our restless minds. After weathering the emotional storms of recent months, this new moon serves as a healing balm, offering us the opportunity to take practical, grounded steps towards manifesting our dreams and witnessing the fruits of our labour begin to take form.

Earthly Abundance: Nurturing the New Moon in Taurus May 8th

New moons, are fresh starts in the cosmic calendar. The Sun and Moon conjunct at 18 degrees of Taurus, urges us to plant seeds of intention rooted in the fertile soil of our souls.  Connect with whatever grounds and stabilizes you, nurturing a sense of presence in the here and now.  While May promises movement and progress in spiritual growth, innovation, creativity, and detachment, it also reminds us to release attachments to the past and embrace the fresh opportunities unfolding before us.

In the quest for stability amidst a world in flux, Taurus teaches us that true security comes from within. As we navigate the shifting sands of global change, we’re reminded that material wealth alone cannot provide the safety and self-worth bestowed by Venus’s loving embrace. It’s through accepting ourselves fully, without apology, that we unlock the golden pathway to success and inner peace.

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We’ve lost the emotional charge of recent weeks and are beginning to ground into our new wisdom. Whilst some of us may be surveying the apparent rubble of our disrupted dreams, the vision remains. In order to build the new, we first have to break the old. It’s important we banish the delusionary demons of doubt and despair by keeping our frequency high and in alignment with the desires our hearts hold sacred.

Mars helps. It is back in its home town of Aries feeling renewed, empowered and speedy.  Yes, it adds to the strong warrior/warring energy on the global stage.  But where our attention goes our energy flows. Re-direct this red planet power to embodying your sovereign self.  The energy of the new that wants to begin is super strong. Keep your focus on your fresh initiatives and projects.

The Sabian symbol for this new Moon sums up the celestial currents: “A new Continent is Rising out of the Ocean” It symbolizes the birth of fresh opportunities and the promise for a brand-new life. It speaks of creating something original, ripe with potential for the future. While there’s much work ahead to cultivate and nurture these beginnings, it heralds the unveiling of new fields of activity and unexplored possibilities. Embrace change with a sense of purpose and openness to innovative trends and ways of being. It also warns against constantly seeking greener pastures without commitment or completion, urging balance and steadfastness amidst the allure of novelty.

Pluto stationed retrograde on May 2nd.  We’ve felt the slow down for a while as the Lord of the Underworld grinds its enormous planetary gears to a halt before turning to recapitulate its early foray into Aquarius. It allows us to integrate the generational shift of Pluto in its new home. As we’ve experienced since its first entry into the realm of the Water Bearer there is initial instability as we change energetic gears.  The power balance is shifting from centralisation (Capricorn) to de-centralisation (Aquarius) but the old guard, reluctant to relinquish its hard-won power, has yet to give up the fight for supremacy. Let your heart run the show and you will adjust quicker and infinitely more powerfully.

Five planets, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune all touch the anuretic degree of the house they are occupying during May. This last degree brings the shadow aspect of their articulation to prominence. Thus, whilst we’re in the energy of a new moon, these aspects ask us to review and acknowledge what we’ve worked and are still working through.  Especially as Jupiter reaches that last degree of Taurus.  Its sacred mirror reflects where we have or have not learned to accept and love ourselves at deeper levels.

It’s mirroring the energies of the recent Uranus/Jupiter conjunction.  These planets in their meeting have equally gifted the other with new insights.  As we, in our sacred relationships, change each other in our reflected encounters. We’ve had to let go of the comfortable, the known, the safe to rise up into the new capabilities that are being asked of us.  The energy is already in play and these aspects are simply reminding us of how far we’ve come and where we’re headed.  Expect a few more explosive changes if you haven’t quite forgiven the last sticky residue of the old unlovable parts of self that need to upgrade.

The changing of the monthly guard is well into Taurus season with Venus, Uranus, Sun, Moon and Jupiter all making their earthly presence felt in the house of the Bull. Taurus delights in long-term projects and slow incremental change.  Yet the recent Uranus/Jupiter conjunction was designed to disrupt the status quo.  Routines and repetitive habits are being triggered.  It’s teaching us to ground ourselves in our own energetic centres. Hone your busyness to the absolute essential.  Keep your energy focussed, centred and simple.

Jupiter loves excess and Taurus loves habits. Review the ones that are weighing you down. What are the habits, limiting beliefs, old programmes you need to release?  Set yourself free from lifetimes of attachment.  Don’t push the triggers away. This is deep growth, that challenges your sense of Self. Inevitably in Taurus, you’ll encounter fixed sign stubborn resistance to the detachment.  The Bull is already accepting and embracing the new but it will be easier when you’re not dragging the old with you. Let go, let life.

It can feel exhausting as you remain challenged by your deepest shadow aspects. But this new moon is a revival of your fresh perspective.  Once the planets start to transit into Gemini by late May things will lighten up and speed up.  Meanwhile there’s still some upgrades to contemplate before the internal renovation of Self is completed.  Venus is calmly reminding you that you are absolutely worth it. Embrace whatever uplifts you, gifts you joy, brings you pleasure without requiring external validation.

Mercury conjuncts Chiron in Aries for the third and final time.  Mercury has been trying to figure out the cure, the remedy for our wounded “I amness”.  The arrival of Mars empowers Mercury and whatever answers our winged messenger has excavated from the depths of our core wound.  Yet they feel raw and unintegrated in this fiery energy. As Mercury moves into Taurus on May 15th, exhausted from its intense search for the solution, it detaches and in that exhausted surrender the breakthroughs in understanding arise.

Saturn sextile the Sun and Moon is supporting what’s being birthed. It helps us understand what we need to leave behind in order to move into our future selves.  It’s physical with Saturn – clear out the closets, review your possessions, defrag the inbox.  Cast out the inner saboteur that constantly complains and blames. Put the old story to bed and dare to try new approaches.

With both Venus and Jupiter accompanying this new moon the seeds you plant now will be supercharged with abundance and a touch of unpredictability since Uranus is also in the mix. Setting goals is like gardening. Much of the progress happens imperceptibly, in its own timeline and the results can often surprise us. This New Moon, refuse to rush. Take the time to re-charge and re-set.  Re-connect to what gives you pleasure.  Bathe in the precious sweetness of planet Earth’s rich gifts. Connect with friends, walk in nature, forest bathe, cook nourishing food. 

We have all been born anew in myriad individual ways over recent months. Use the earthy Taurean energy to ground the change with an external symbol; perhaps a change of dress or personal style.  Tend to your physical home, and take diligent action towards the implementation of your dreams.  As nature comes into her full expression of abundance, we too feel more motivated and encouraged to continue. We sense we can trust the Earth and the perfect timing of our plan’s manifestations.  Taurus teaches us presence. Here, in the Now moment. Look with the eyes of the heart to see the world and yourself born anew. Wishing you all infinite new moon love and blessings.

Embracing Earth’s Bounty: A Shamanic Celebration of the New Moon in Taurus

Welcome, dear souls, to a sacred journey guided by the gentle energies of the New Moon in Taurus. As we gather under the starlit sky, let us honour the earthy wisdom and nurturing essence of this celestial event.

Begin by creating your sacred space adorned with earthy tones, flowers, and crystals, reflecting Taurus’s grounded energy. Light a candle, symbolizing the illumination of our path as we delve into the depths of our souls.

Close your eyes and take deep, grounding breaths, allowing yourself to connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Feel her nurturing presence enveloping you, anchoring you to the present moment.

Now, with intention, call upon the spirit of Taurus, the Bull, to guide us through this ritual. Feel the strength and stability of Taurus infusing your being, grounding you deeply into the earth’s embrace.

In your mind’s eye, visualize a lush garden blooming with abundance and fertility. See yourself walking through this garden, feeling the rich soil beneath your feet and the warm sun kissing your skin. As you explore, allow yourself to connect with the innate wisdom of nature, absorbing its teachings with an open heart.

Next, take a moment to reflect on the intentions you wish to cultivate during this lunar cycle. What seeds do you wish to plant in the fertile soil of your soul? With clarity and conviction, write down these intentions on a piece of paper, infusing them with your heartfelt desires.

Now, it is time to offer gratitude to the earth and all her blessings. With reverence, place offerings of fruits, grains, or herbs upon your altar, symbolizing the abundance of the earth’s bounty. Offer prayers of thanks for the nourishment she provides and the growth she nurtures within us.

With your intentions and offerings set, take a moment to ground yourself once more, feeling the solid support of the earth beneath you. Know that as you move forward, you carry the strength and resilience of Taurus within you, guiding you on your journey of manifestation and growth.

As we close this ritual, offer a final prayer of gratitude to the spirits of the earth and the cosmos for their guidance and blessings. Blow out the candle, releasing your intentions into the universe with trust and surrender.

May this sacred ceremony empower you to embrace the abundance of life and cultivate the seeds of your dreams with unwavering faith and love.

So mote it be….

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