Embrace the Adventure: The Sagittarius Full Moon Beckons on May 23rd

Embrace the Adventure: The Sagittarius Full Moon Beckons on May 23rd. Predictions and Shamanic Ritual from Davina Mackail

Embrace the Adventure: The Sagittarius Full Moon Beckons on May 23rd. An optimistic full moon arrives at 14.52 BST on May 23rd in fiery Sagittarius. Reminding us that despite life’s many and varied challenges it is also a grand adventure.  None of us are going to get out alive so how are we going to embrace the time we have? With an optimistic spirit of possibility or reducing our lives to the minimum as we attempt to stay safe in an inherently unsafe world?

Sagittarius Full Moon

The second half of May is fast paced with a prominent Jupiter energy.  Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, expands all it touches.  It is all too easy to be overwhelmed by futility and anxiety, as the constant barrage of fear porn feeds our insecurities and stirs our emotions.

Allow this centaur moon to tear away the illusions that cloud your vision, revealing profound global truths and personal insights. 

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Every full Moon highlights an astrological axis with the Sun in opposition.  We’ve entered the season of the talkative twins with the opposed Sun in Gemini.  This is the communication axis, Sagittarian wisdom balancing or opposing Gemini knowledge. Both are mutable signs, so expect your options, ideologies and beliefs to change faster than the wind. With the assertive energy of the Gemini Sun and the expansive Sagittarius Full Moon, we are encouraged to speak our truth, especially if we’ve been disillusioned and feel the need to call out poor behaviour.  

Time for truths!

On its own opposite a host of planets still hanging out in Aries and Taurus this full Moon is excavating and examining our inner truths to see if they hold up.  Is it really true? Is it always true? are the questions this lunation brings to the fore. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius is wise, expansive, optimistic and visionary.  It’s a big picture truth seeker. Full moons bring matters to a head. Here is the potential for our old belief systems to be shattered as unequivocal truth comes to light.  Cognitive dissonance is often our immediate response to such revelations as we dance with disbelief.

The Gemini Sun inspires us to speak out, but if our hearts are filled with anger, frustration, or helplessness, our words may do more harm than good. The Sagittarius Moon invites us to pause, tune into our intuition, and ensure that our messages are aligned with our highest good and deepest wisdom.

What’s the symbol?

The Sabian symbol for this full moon illustrates the issue of this axis; “Two Men Playing Chess”. In the grand chess game of life, we are called to be both the master strategist and a considerate player. The goal is not just to win, but to engage in the game with intelligence, patience, and a keen sense of timing. Whether you find yourself in the heat of a debate, a legal tussle, or any competitive scenario, remember that every move counts and foresight is your greatest ally. Embrace your inner tactician, but also remember the value of knowing when to step back, breathe, and reconsider your next move. This balance between strategy and mindfulness will guide you through the intricate and often competitive dance of life during this particular moon phase. Beware, however, of relying solely on luck or underestimating your opponent’s skill. Bickering or relentless efforts to outdo each other can be counterproductive. Recognize when it’s time to pause and avoid the temptation to relentlessly pursue victory at all costs.

Harness the combined power of the Sagittarius Full Moon and Gemini Sun to break through any fears and doubts. Set your intentions and let your intuition guide you to the right people and opportunities that will help you manifest your creative potential and your deepest dreams. Viewing life through a Sagittarian lens creates life as a thrilling adventure, embodied in a deep trust that the universe supports us and is here to be enjoyed.

Meaning of life

Ultimately this axis is about the meaning of our lives and what’s important to us.  It’s also linked to joy. With so much to rob us of our joyful expression on the global stage it’s more important than ever to raise our inner frequency to one where global atrocity simply cannot exist. Fear feeds the war machine, love destroys it.  Believe in your wiser inner being. 

To bolster our faith, this Full Moon harmonizes with Neptune and Pluto, sparking our imagination and helping us to clarify and pursue our dreams. It sets the stage for the transformations necessary to realize these dreams in our physical reality. Trust your urge to rekindle your creativity, break free from old routines, and explore new paths.  The cosmic centaur reminds us there’s no perfect moment to pursue our dreams. Wield your baton, start writing your book, sculpt your masterpiece, begin that thesis. If not now, when?

Mystical Dimention of Neptune

Neptune in Pisces in a sextile to Jupiter and Venus in Taurus all at the anuretic 29th degree adds a deeply mystical dimension to this lunation.  Here are the cosmic dream makers gathered together in a last hurrah of spiritual love and earthly abundance. Although spiritually significant Venus makes it personal this is ‘a dream come true’ energy in your 3D manifestations.  What have you been working on in your Earth realm? A long-anticipated vision has the chance to bear fruit now. A gift or reward before Jupiter and Venus move in to Gemini later this week.  Are you ready? Can you already feel the gratitude and allow the dream in? Venus has been teaching you to know your worth and value. Where have you deeply evolved in your sense of self?  Yes, this is about celebrating something extraordinary that’s showing up.  But you need to be receptive and capacious in order to give it the space to land.  It’s graduation time from life’s mystery school. Your energy in the world is changing contributing to a new evolutionary wisdom within you. Can you own this and step into it fully?

On the 3D level this celestial threesome signals a quantum leap in Gaia’s evolution with a new love, reverence and respect for our Earth home being born.  The metamorphosis of our human species is becoming more apparent as advances in the realm of food and new medicines accelerates exponentially.  

On May 25th, Jupiter, the planet of wise beneficence, enters sociable, chatty Gemini for the first time in twelve years. As the cosmic guard changes curiosity meets opportunity. It will expand the immense overload of information coming in at us.  Jupiter is considered to be ‘in detriment’ here meaning it isn’t comfortable in its new home.  Jupiter likes it big and expansive whereas Gemini is more involved in the day-to-day facts and figures.  In residence for a year, it creates greater potential for distractions and scattered energies. Engaging with the push-pull that comes with the placement and creating an internal awareness and coherence of what’s happening can lead to life-changing gifts in the realms of communication.

Quick wit

As Mercury moves through Taurus from May 15th to June 3rd, it swaps its winged sandals for hob nail boots, reminding us that meaning can be expressed vividly and plainly — no cleverness required.  Quick wit may be on a temporary retreat but Mercury in Taurus also teaches us that contemplation is often the best way to cut out the noise and get to the core truth. 

Pluto sextile the Moon is asking you to re-define how you are using the information that you are privy to.  Powerful personal transformation is arising from what you’re seeing differently.  

As you shift your perspective on something you believed to be true the need for your voice to be heard becomes a force for the good. Remember to allow others their views too.  

This is a Full Moon, that reminds us that life works in mysterious ways, full of unexpected plot twists and turns.  Sagittarius invites us to dream. Dreams that may include travel or ideas of fulfilment way beyond where you are now and appearing impossible. Embody a huge dose of optimism and faith that all will be well and joyously embrace all that shows up.  

This Moon empowers us to step beyond our comfort zone, letting our heart lead the way. Revel in Jupiter’s promise of good fortune. Be ready and open to embrace synchronicities, and magical opportunities. Instead of feeling stressed and anxious, allow this Sagittarius Full Moon to instil a deep sense of faith that life is on your side. Choose to see every development on your path as an exhilarating adventure. Wishing you all infinite full moon love and blessings.

Shamanic Ritual for the Sagittarius Full Moon

Begin by creating a sacred space where you will perform the ritual. Cleanse the area with sage, palo santo, or your preferred smudging herb. Arrange crystals such as amethyst, citrine, and turquoise around the space to amplify the Sagittarius energy. Light candles in shades of purple and blue to honour the Sagittarian spirit.

Sit quietly and presence yourself with some slow deep breaths. Reflect on your intentions for this ritual. Sagittarius, ruled by expansive Jupiter, invites you to seek higher wisdom, embrace adventure, and aim for your dreams. Write down your intentions on a piece of paper.

Set up an altar with items that resonate with Sagittarius energy—a bow and arrow symbol, images of centaurs, or representations of the planet Jupiter. Include your written intentions, and add any personal totems or objects that hold spiritual significance for you.


– Stand facing the east, the direction associated with Sagittarius.

– Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and ground yourself.

– Raise your arms to the sky and call upon the energies of the Sagittarius Full Moon.

“Great Spirit, I call upon the energies of the Sagittarius Full Moon. Infuse this space with your wisdom, optimism, and adventurous spirit. Guide me on my path, helping me to see clearly and aim true. May the light of this full moon illuminate my journey and expand my horizons. So be it.”

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Visualize the full moon’s radiant light enveloping you, filling you with Sagittarian energy. Imagine yourself as a centaur, a symbol of Sagittarius, standing strong and free under the full moon.

Begin a steady drumming rhythm or chant a mantra that resonates with Sagittarius energy, such as “Om Mani Padme Hum” or a simple “Ah” sound. Let the rhythm carry you into a trance-like state.

In this state, envision a path before you, leading into a mystical forest. Follow the path until you meet a wise centaur guide. Engage with this guide, asking for wisdom and insight into your intentions. Listen carefully to any messages or guidance received.

– Take the piece of paper with your written intentions.

– Hold it to your heart, infusing it with the energy and wisdom gained from your journey.

– Speak your intentions aloud, affirming your commitment to them.

“Under the light of this Sagittarius Full Moon, I commit to my intentions. I embrace the journey ahead with courage and optimism. I trust in the wisdom of the universe to guide me. So be it.”

Burn the paper safely in a fireproof bowl or cauldron, symbolizing the release of your intentions to the universe.

Close the ritual by extinguishing the candles and thanking the elements and directions for their presence.

“Thank you, spirits of the east, south, west, and north. Thank you, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Thank you, Great Spirit and the Sagittarius Full Moon, for your guidance and blessings. I close this sacred space with gratitude. So be it.”

Take a moment to ground yourself, feeling the Earth beneath you. 

So mote it be….

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