The Mountain’s Luminous Crown: Embracing the Full Moon in Capricorn – June 22nd 2024

The Mountain's Luminous Crown: Embracing the Full Moon in Capricorn - June 22nd 2024

The Mountain’s Luminous Crown: Embracing the Full Moon in Capricorn – June 22nd 2024. On June 22nd at 2.07am BST, la luna absoluta, will bathe us in her brilliant light in the sign of earthy Capricorn. Hot on the heels of the Summer Solstice this first, of a rare double whammy of Capricorn full moons is a powerful portent.  

The Mountain’s Luminous Crown: Embracing the Full Moon in Capricorn – June 22nd 2024

At the first degree it illuminates the culmination point in the yearly cycle – that pivotal juncture where the Sun’s fiery streams begin their gradual diminishment after months of vital blossoming. Now Capricorn’s earthy, pragmatic energies bring the power of practicality and excellence to all our endeavours. It galvanises us into direct and meaningful action.  Reminding us that slow and steady wins the race.  

Diligence and persistence are your superpowers for at least the next month. Capricorn’s reputation as the industrious achiever with a thirst for accolades and legacy, is well-earned. The cosmic goat whispers to us of the merits of patience and dogged determination in the face of obstacles.

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He admonishes us to get serious.  Investigate boundaries. Assert our inner authority to get our needs fully met.  There may be sulks and the sound of scuffling feet but ultimately the newly defined territory works better for everyone.  

How do we get better at results?

Between these two Capricorn full Moons, the second at the anuretic 29th degree on July 21st, we’ll be asking ourselves; ‘How do we get better at results?’. It’s an important cycle of change. It’s also summer and Cancer season, kicking back with family and friends calls loudly, but the bills still need paying. What adjustments can you make to your daily schedule to make it work better for you? 

The Sun opposed in Cancer is shining its radiance on family matters and all those whose shoulders you stand upon. When the word family arises what happens? Does your body open or close? Do you smile with warmth or frown with consternation or concern?  Welcome to the axis of love and karma.  One thing this axis is not, is neutral.

All full moons bring polarity – a chance to see both sides of the coin clearly. Here we find ourselves pivoting on the Capricorn/Cancer axis – the work/life dichotomy.  The duality of hard, yang action and soft, yin reception.  

Always, it’s all about balance…

It’s not about working harder it’s about balance.  Cancer is cardinal water -it wants to exhale, take a break, be in the flow as opposed Capricorn’s keeping your feet to the fire.  The antidote? – Keep it simple.  Do the most important. Mars plodding through Taurus until July 20th will help you calmly and efficiently process the to do list and still make time for a break. It’s the perfect pace for making diligent and consistent progress on long or tedious projects.  Shun stubborn traits. Be open to pivoting to alternatives. Adaptability and transilience are the new games in town. Essential for avoiding unworkable ruts or unexpected eruptions. 

The critic, both inner and outer, is currently being provoked.  Ultimately compassion and understanding gets us where we’re going faster than judgement. And this Moon favours those brave enough to be seen in their vulnerability and rawness.  It doesn’t have to be perfect it just needs to get done says our steadfast goat. Don’t mistake the lack of perfection for a lowering of standard, Capricorn strives towards quality in all things.

We also need our teammates, our collaborators, our tribe.  Big dreams take teams.  Find solutions and ways to work effectively and harmoniously together.  Celebrate achievements and successes however small, the energy is contagious, fuelling more juicy wins.

Heights: Material and Spiritual

Yet Capricorn’s teachings transcend the material realm. The sure-footed mountain goat unperturbed by unforgiving altitudes serves as our spiritual guide. He reminds us of the mountains’ ancient status as a gateway to the sacred. Upon their lofty peaks the boundary between earth and sky, mortal and divine, becomes diaphanous. A sage archetype of equilibrium, enlightened by a million cycles of waxing and waning light. It teaches us that the path to our most fulfilled incarnations necessitates a cultivation of Capricorn’s unblinking discipline. 

But even as we endeavour to integrate this earthly virtue remember – no summit is scaled entirely through willpower and grinding productivity. The mountain’s stony facade conceals deep underground streams and spring-fed pools, nourishing the hardy, clinging life forms. We too must nurture our own inner wellsprings and nourish our spirits through the most precipitous ascents.

A powerful energy field

Especially as the Moon is square to Neptune at the anuretic degree of its home sign of Pisces a destination it last visited 168 years ago.  This superpowered influence brings the end of an era in the collective energy field. We’re entering unknown territory – an evolutionary shift. It brings a dense fog and a reflective, nesting energy that requires contemplation and stillness.  With five planets in Water signs, it’s an internal process. Listen deep for what wants to be born through these realisations.

Neptune is supported by Saturn, Capricorn’s stern ruler still in dreamy Pisces, observant, quiet and reflective.  Under this influence the focus is more on existential probabilities. It’s why the spiritual significance of solstice had to enlighten the goat before he could make the final ascent to the pinnacle of this lunar illumination.  Personal spiritual validation is on offer.  You’re understanding something profound in a gentle, sweet way.  

Our goat, is reflecting on boundaries and acknowledging that in certain areas, new ones need to be set.  He’s also making us keenly aware of the swift passage of Time.  Don’t fall prey to his pressure.  Trust the path, trust your actions. The journey is infinitely more relevant than the destination.

This moon offers the opportunity to inwardly re-commit to your dreams. To trust the way will open and flow.  With a tenacious determination focussed on the end goal you are led step by next obvious step towards your best outcomes. You will find yourself rising up between these two full moons discovering you can go beyond your previous limits and beliefs.

What’s the Symbol of this Full Moon?

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is pertinent; “Three stained-glass windows, in a gothic church, one damaged by war”, Each panel a masterwork meant to elevate the soul. Yet one window bears the scars of humanity’s darkest impulses – shards of colourful glass strewn across the aged stone, remnants of a faith shattered by careless aggression. The two intact windows remind us that even when love itself is wounded by fear and violence, hope and trust remain tenuous lifelines.

For in the fractured panes, Leonard Cohen’s words ring true – it is through the very cracks that light itself pierces the shadows. The damage speaks of philosophical rifts, of sermons hijacked by the rhetoric of the shell-shocked. But it also whispers of our unextinguished yearning for wholeness, for the rescue and restoration of all that is holy. 

This Moon confronts hard truths.  It’s the axis of family karma.  You’ll need the cardinal energy, strong leadership, of both Cancer and Capricorn to navigate the currents.  Learn from the past but don’t drown in it. Be the hero/heroine of your story, do the inner work, re-write the karma of any ancestral narrative that burdens you.

Saturn is stationing at the infamous degree…

Saturn in Pisces is setting itself up to station retrograde at the infamous 29th degree. It amplifies its mission to bring power structures tumbling down, revealing corruption in its wake.  As lies and deceptions surface truth is occluded. Find your inner compass and point it towards wise discernment. Your heart knows the way.  Use your inner tuition. Focussing on the immediate priorities of your life.  

Strengthened by the Solstice power, this Moon is shining a bright light on the public stage.  With two consecutive full Moons in ambition fuelled Capricorn big banking will be centre stage.  Abuses of power will not be tolerated by Saturn.  Real healing is possible but it will only happen when we make new choices. 

What is dissolving from your own life? What or who is no longer relevant for you? A whole host of super powers are waiting to inhabit the newly created space.  Pluto and the Moon are in a semisextile – a subtle but significant influence. Suggesting a need for integration and balance of the profound transformation of our 3D world that our Dark Lord is orchestrating in futuristic Aquarius. Whilst Capricorn teaches that on a daily basis, we still need to chop wood and carry water.  

Under this full moon in Capricorn, take sustenance. Breathe fresh resolve into your most transcendent aims, and bask in your ability to continue upwards towards the mountaintop of your own becoming.  Wishing you all infinite Solstice and Full Moon blessings and love.  

Full Moon Ritual

Honour and celebrate the Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn on June 22nd, 2024

You will need: some Mugwort (she is our wild Summer herb goddess, pick her at Solstice and hang above your door at home for year round protection) or a piece of bark or wood representing the Earth), a Candle (representing the Sun and Light), a small bowl or container to hold these items, a Timepiece (watch, phone, etc. as an honouring of Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn), and a small amount of a natural dried herb or essential oil (such as Rosemary or Sage) to represent the Aroma of the Earth.

Find a quiet, peaceful outdoor area where the Moon will be visible. Spread a mat or cloth on the ground to create a Sacred Circle and place the gathered items in the centre of the Circle.

Be in a space where you can bathe in the light of the full moon if possible.  Breathe consciously and deeply through the heart to centre your energy and focus your intent on honouring the Full Moon’s energies.

Gaze at the Moon, allowing its rays to warm your face, mind, and spirit. Breathe deeply, opening yourself to the Moon’s bright energy. Consider some of the qualities of the Full Moon in Capricorn, including:




Pursuit of Goals and Purpose in Life





Feel the Moon’s energizing rays fill you with motivation, drive, ambition, organization, discipline, and ability to manifest your desires.

As you breathe deeply, inhale the scent of the dried herb representing the aromas of the Earth filling the air. Feel your sense of smell re-awakened by this stimulating fragrance.

Take a moment to connect with your body and how it feels when you focus on your goals and dreams for this life: the drive, the confidence, the knowledge of what you can accomplish.  Breathe through any sense of stuckness in the body.

Express your thoughts aloud, affirmations of what you aim to manifest and demonstrate while in this frame of positive motivation and energy. You may also offer your gratitude for having been blessed with such drive, discipline, and ability to achieve in this life. Allow yourself to feel these emotions and sensations.

When you have affirmed your goals and intentions for the Full Capricorn Moon cycle, breathe the aromas of the dried herb one last time before writing your renewed action plan down, knowing that the powerful energy of this Capricorn moon will help you achieve your dreams.

So mote it be……

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