Celestial Alchemy: Navigating the Cancer New Moon’s Emotional Waters Between Capricorn’s Mountain Peaks

Celestial Alchemy: Navigating the Cancer New Moon's Emotional Waters Between Capricorn's Mountain Peaks. Davina's predictions

Celestial Alchemy: Navigating the Cancer New Moon’s Emotional Waters Between Capricorn’s Mountain Peaks. In the heavenly dance we find ourselves at a powerful juncture – the Cancer New Moon on July 5th at 22.57gmt. Nestled between two Capricorn Full Moons this cosmic arrangement is a divine invitation to delve deep into the waters of our emotions while simultaneously reaching for the stars of our ambitions. All three Moons are square the lunar nodes of our karma/dharma axis. This is a pivotal month on a deeply personal level.

A pivotal Cancer New Moon

We’re moving from South node in Libra the “we are” to North node in Aries “I am”. The sweet spot is somewhere between the two. A place that allows us to embody our sovereign self, while also being an advocate for healthy relationship.  Shifting from co-dependency to inter-dependence via independence.

The Sun and Moon are in an exact conjunction with our spiritual Sun Sirius. A beautiful aspect opening up the potential for receiving significant intuitive downloads this weekend. What are you wanting to embody that you feel too scared or ashamed of? What would it look like if you let go of societies parameters and expectations and let your truth speak?

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New Moons always offer the chance for a new beginning, a new intention. Here we have a cardinal water new Moon nestled between two cardinal earth full Moons on the work/life axis.  Cardinal signs initiate. Cancer is initiating a coming home to ourselves.  It wants space to allow all the un-loveable parts of ourselves to be invited to the party.  Capricorn is concerned with our external persona, our achievements, our ambitions. We’re being asked to re-evaluate what success means.  The deeper question is; “What gives your life meaning?”. Is unbridled ambition making you happy? How are your relationships with your family? Where’s the happy balance?  The values of home and mother have been consistently undermined for eons.

We’re going backwards in order to move forward.  It feels like we’re regressing in areas of our lives where once all felt safe and on track. Don’t resist.  Cancer says, “take a pause, it’s all okay – TRUST the process”.  Take time this weekend to parent yourself and reflect on what is truly non-negotiable for your personal well-being – beyond societies conditioning. Reclaim the wild mother of magic who also dances under the illumination of this Cancer moon.

the Great Mother

Cradled in the nurturing arms of the Great Mother, she asks us to honour our innermost feelings, to acknowledge the tender places that yearn for love and security. Who are you when the doors are shut and the curtains are drawn?  Where do you feel safe?  What connections and attachments are healthy and which are not? Create space for your soft underbelly to express itself. Where are your vulnerabilities showing up? Some new part of you is wanting to emerge. Bookended by our wise mountain goat this Moon reminds us that our emotions are not meant to drown us, but to fuel our ascent.

The first Capricorn full Moon, invited us to examine our foundations. It asked, “Are the structures of your life aligned with your soul’s purpose?” It illuminated the paths we’ve walked, the responsibilities we’ve shouldered, and the ambitions we’ve nurtured. Now, as we stand in the moonless night of the Cancer New Moon, we’re called to dive into the depths of our being. Here, in the dark waters of our psyche, we find the wellspring of our intuition, the source of our creativity, and the echoes of our ancestral wisdom. What emotions rise to the surface? What dreams have been lying dormant, waiting for the nurturing touch of the Cancer Moon to awaken them?

As you explore these watery realms, remember that vulnerability is not weakness, but the source of our strength. Even as we float in these emotional waters, we’ll feel the pull of the approaching Capricorn Full Moon on July 21st. It will be asking, “How can the treasures you’ve discovered in your emotional depths be used to build your legacy in the outer world?”

a peculiar month

This cosmic sandwich, is a powerful alchemical process. The Capricorn Full Moons provide the crucible, the strong earthy container needed for transformation. The Cancer New Moon offers the water, the emotional fluidity necessary for change. Together, they create the perfect mix for spiritual and personal growth.

Every water sign needs a drain to let go of what no longer serves. Allow this New Moon to soften your heart. Let it wash away old emotional patterns that no longer serve you. Allow the healing wisdom to envelop you, cleansing your spirit for new growth. Release the past and let your waters run clear. It requires full disclosure and deep emotional transparency. Discharge judgment and shame and connect with your inner dreamer. Also, heed the call of Capricorn, let it give form and structure to your deepest desires. How can you build a life that truly reflects the richness of your inner world?

Your emotions, ambitions, softness, and strength are all vital threads in the masterpiece of your life. In this dance of moon and earth, of water and stone, we are reminded that our greatest potency lies not in denying either our emotions or our ambitions, but in bringing them into harmony. It is in the balance that we find our true power, our deepest fulfilment, and our highest expression of self.

Saturn and Neptune currently retrograde in Pisces are trine to this Moon emphasising the inner process. You’ll need more space than usual to hear the cosmic messages coming through your intuition. This isn’t about what it looks like on the surface. It’s not about the labels and the glitz. Sit in the dark and listen to the deeper meaning of your life.  Where have you cut off from your true nature? Saturn lends his rationality to this important decision point and he’s not interested in any fake version of you.

Great creative clarity is possible with this Moon. It might feel like not much is happening but something deeper is occurring under the surface. It’s about the things we’re NOT doing. We’ve been conditioned into associating our self-worth with our external achievements. When we let that go, it feels rebellious, wrong somehow but our consciousness is demanding we look at different ideas.

With Neptune retrograde literally, in the last 5 minutes of the zodiac wheel on the world axis the collapse and the new seeds of humanity are equally present.  Many old aspects of our lives are crumbling and falling away. What’s dissolving in your life?  Yes, it’s scary as the depths of illusion we’ve been living through become increasingly self-evident.  Yet therein lies hope. An ever-deeper connection to nature is the key to surfing the waves.  The more we dance with the energy creatively the less opportunity it has to create havoc in our 3D lives.

Venus, also in Cancer, square to Chiron is heightening sensitivity making it all feel very personal.  Allow this to be yet another message from the Universe that it’s time to take a break and let your heart tell you what it needs to support you.

On the global stage Mars in a wide conjunction to Uranus in Taurus is re-activating the energy of the powerful Uranus/Jupiter conjunction.  It’s a wild force that demands expansion with its explosive, disruptive energy.  It could be metaphorical as in big financial or world leadership quakes or literal with more actual earth disruptions.  The ultimate impulse is towards freedom and big global change.  It’s guaranteed to be a disruptive month with Uranus opening up new territory in Taurus activated by warrior Mars.  The peace and quiet of this tender Moon won’t last for long.

Mercury in Leo moving away from the opposition with Pluto is opening up where we have been playing small and limited.  Whilst in the process it can feel like it’s breaking us but it’s actually awakening us to something new and fresh that we’re ready to say yes to.  This New moon in an obsessive aspect to Pluto is asking you to change your way of thinking.  Dark thoughts will encourage you to abandon yourself. Don’t give up there is light at the end of this tunnel.  Pluto is helping you destroy these dark thoughts not feed them. Mercury will help as the month progresses bringing a much-needed lightness to life.

The Sabian symbol for this Cancer Moon articulates the energy of this pivot point perfectly: ‘A group of People who have Overeaten and Enjoyed it” It beckons us to examine the intricate dance between enjoyment and excess, to delve deep into our complex relationship with abundance and scarcity. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are called to honour the wisdom of our physical bodies and their natural rhythms, whilst also recognizing the powerful energies created when we come together in shared experiences of plenty.

When we break bread together, we feed our souls with connection, laughter, and shared joy. This collective energy has the power to elevate our individual vibrations and connect us to the universal flow of abundance. Yet, there is a risk of using material excess as a means to fill emotional voids or to escape the, sometimes challenging path of spiritual growth. The Universe lovingly reminds us to examine our motivations and to seek balance in all things. Embrace the joy of abundance when it flows into your life, but also welcome the teachings that come in times of perceived scarcity.

Keep asking is this best for me? Is this where I want to focus my energy. Then let go and let it flow.  You’re about to be reborn into a new kind of life that will become abundantly clear by the time you arrive at the next full moon in Capricorn.  Saturn is showing the way and what you obtain will last for a long time. Let yourself be guided by your intuition, it’s speaking loud and clear, you just need to stop long enough to tune-in.  Wishing you all infinite new moon love and blessings.

Moonlit Waters: A Cancer New Moon Ritual


Choose a location near water – a beach, lake, river, or even a bathtub if outdoors isn’t possible. Gather these items:

– A bowl of water

– Sea salt

– A white candle

– Moonstone or pearl (Cancer’s stones)

– Jasmine or gardenia incense (Cancer’s scents)

– A shell or water-themed object

– Journal and pen


As dusk approaches, take a purifying bath or shower. Visualize any negativity washing away.

At your chosen location, create your altar with the items you have brought to symbolise this moon. Light the candle and incense.

Invoke the Moon by saying the following: “Great Mother Moon, nurturing Cancer, I call upon your watery wisdom. Guide me in this cycle of emotional renewal and intuitive growth.”

Hold the bowl of water up to the moon, saying: “Silver moonlight, charge this water with your transformative energy.”

Reflect on emotions you wish to release. For each one, drop a pinch of the sea salt into the water, saying: “I release [emotion] and allow it to dissolve into the cosmic sea.”

Hold your moonstone or pearl. Set intentions aligned with Cancer themes – nurturing, intuition, emotional security. Whisper each into the stone.

If safe, wade into the water (or touch the bathtub water). Feel the moon’s energy flowing through the water and into you. If using a bowl, gently sprinkle the charged water over yourself.

Hold your shell or water object. Express gratitude for the nurturing aspects of your life.

By candlelight, write your reflections, intentions, and any intuitive insights received.

When complete thank the moon and elements. Extinguish the candle, saying: “As this flame extinguishes, may my intentions ignite. Blessed be.”

Carry your moonstone or shell with you during the lunar cycle as a reminder of your intentions. Consider returning to water sources to reinforce your connection with Cancer’s nurturing energy.

So mote it be….

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