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Which Potion Would You Drink ?
Posted on in Entertainment/Witchcraft

Which Potion Would You Drink ?

Potioncraft is pretty real and yes, with a little practice you can actually manifest your desires. For many centuries, alchemists, wizards and witches were trying to craft potions which can make their lives easier or more interesting. Here in Magical Recipes Online we love to publish potions which – with little practice can make your… Keep Reading

Coffee Potions, what your coffee says about you
Posted on in Magical Recipes/Witchcraft

Coffee Potions

Coffee is our favourite magical potion, one we cannot start our day without. Have you thought that each coffee beverage you prepare, what you actually do is to prepare – a quite sophisticated – magical potion? Coffee potions are real. And to be more precise, what we drink – can define us! Coffee Potions: what your… Keep Reading

Magic Potion to shine like the Moon
Posted on in Magical Recipes/Witchcraft

Magic Potion to shine like the Moon

The Craft of Magic Potions – A Magic Potion to shine like the Moon We have seen that Lord Chandra, the Moon deity is of incomparable handsomeness. Here we are going to create a magic filter (magic potion) asking Him to help us achieve a beauty as brilliant as his. Before going on with the… Keep Reading

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Posted on in Daily Prediction

Daily Predictions for Saturday, October 12, 2019

General Daily Predictions: Today, the Moon just entered Aries, radiating a feeling, as if spring came early this year. However, this also means, that we will face the truth of what was really the winter and if we successfully completed of letting go what holds us back from Rebirth.  Also today, is the first day… Keep Reading

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