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magical amulet lammas day 9 herbs of august
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Ultimate Magical Charm: 9 Herbs of August

Lammas Day Spells & Magic, the Ultimate Magical Charm: the 9 Herbs of August. There is one Recipe for Magic during the Lammas Day / Lughnasa – Lughnasagh so highly reputed over the ages that survived in Europe even during the dark Medieval times.   the Nine (9) Herbs Charm 10th century Manuscript Magical Recipes Online… Keep Reading

Elemental Magic of Rose Water: The Magical Ink for Wishes!
Posted on in Magical Recipes

Ancient Formula Recipe: How to Make Rosewater

Rosewater or Rose Water is an ingredient used for centuries. Essential in your Cuisine, Essential in Cosmetics, Essential in Magic ! You can find Rosewater in many stores and most of them are very nice, but why can’t we make our own one? First of all it’s very simple and also by making your own ingredients you… Keep Reading

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