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Express Meditation for Mental Balance
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Express Meditation for Mental Balance

There as sometimes in our lives, when we are forced to face challenging situations or be asked to deal with obstacles. So forgetting to care for ourselves, to love and to deal with our needs is usual. In the next article, we suggest a healing express meditation that will help us to find peace in… Keep Reading

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What is the secret of the oldest Yogi?

Tao Porchon-Lynch is a 99 years old lively and absolutely healthy lady of French-Indian origin. While many of her peers should be retired since several years, Tao is an active yoga master who still teaches six to eight classes in New York. This amazing woman started practicing yoga 70 years ago. She discovered yoga when… Keep Reading

3 Hand Gestures - Mudras for Magic
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3 Hand Gestures – Mudras for Magic

In magic, we may use many things. We use our mind, candles, our emotions, the stars, the powers of nature, but quite often we also use the power of our body. A Mudra, is a Magical Gesture used for symbolic and ritual purposes. The origin of this practice is in Hinduism – as Yoga! Mudras… Keep Reading

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