Your Tarot Card for 2024: the Year of Strength

Your Tarot Card for 2024: the Year of Strength

Numerology is an ancient form of divination based on the eternal Wisdom of Numbers. Moreover, Tarot has been used as a method of divination for centuries and even modern witches see it as a very reliable tool for predicting the future. Long ago, in Ancient Greece, Egypt, China and many more great ancient civilizations it was believed that the harmony of this Material World is constructed on numbers. Everything that exists, has existed, or going to be born hides a hidden numerical nature. So let’s take a look at Tarot Card for 2024: the Year of Strength!

A POWERFUL pivotal Year.

Knowing how Numbers work, we can understand the past and the present, as well as foresee the future of everything, because everything works on the same numerical pattern. A pattern familiar only to the Wise ones. This is why only the privileged ones could have access to this knowledge. As Pythagoras stated, and the Jewish mystical system known as Kabbalah reaffirmed, every word, every name, everyone and everything relates to a certain number. Thus, to certain qualities, abilities and a destiny.

So what Numerology for 2024 tells us about the new year which approaches? What should we expect from 2024?

2024 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8

2020 was a year of obstacles which needed urgent and hard work. Moreover, it was a year of unbelievable – yet almost never properly directed and channelled – energy which filled our souls with anxiety and anger. However, it was also a year to leave the past behind and banish unwanted habits. Of course, this good work is not always appreciated. Now, things change!

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2021 corresponded to the number 5, the number of the Hierophant. He actually represents a year that has the ability to fulfil our life with many moments of success and joy. However, the Hierophant is also the carrier of truths! Hence, reality was revealed to the world and illusions were shuttered.

2022 was the year of the Lovers as it corresponded to number 6! This was the time to make the right choices, which can change the world forever and bring us abundance and healing or mayhem.

2023 was the year of Chariot! This was a time to move forward and try to keep up with high speeds and quick reflexes! This was not a time to stand by and just observe as the power of the new year is indeed intense, powerful yet it can lead to troubles! The chariot speaks of success but also war. Who is going to triumph? This is the year to find out!

2024 is the year of Strength!

Actually, the Strength card depicts a woman taming a lion, representing the ability to control and harness one’s primal instincts and emotions through gentle strength, love and perseverance. It symbolizes the power of compassion, self-control, and persistence.

True strength is found in self-discovery – NOT violence!

As 2024 is the global year of strength we can keep this energy in mind and focus on developing our personal strength, overcoming challenges, and exhibiting resilience in various aspects of our lives. This could involve working on self-improvement, facing fears, setting boundaries, and finding balance between our inner desires and external circumstances. It can also be a reminder to approach situations with patience, gentleness, and compassion instead of force or aggression.

Let’s see, now, what is going to happen to everyone of us, in the new year.

To do that we have to find our Tarot Destiny’s number for 2024!

What is MY TAROT CARD for 2024?

All you have to do is to add the digits of your date of birth – EXCLUDING the year you were born – with the present year, 2024!  So if you are born in June 07 1954 your personal number for 2024 comes by adding the number 6 (as June is the 6th month of the Year) with 07 and 2024. So 7 + 0 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 21 . The 21st card is the World!

If the Number is greater than 22, then add the digits of the sum – and repeat if needed – until you get a number from 1-22.

Let’s see another example. If you are born, let’s say, on September 15 1984: 9 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 0 +2 + 4 = 25

2 + 5 = 7! Therefore, 7 – the Chariot is you personal Tarot card for 2024 of the one who is born in September 15 1984!

1- The Magician

This is a year of great beginnings. Especially career-wise.This year is full of possibilities. You came a long road. Something has ended, or something inside you has died. But, after death, comes rebirth! This is the year you can set the foundation for a great new destiny for you. You may get promoted, find a new job, or, even more possibly, find a way to increase your income with your ideas. However, the magician also speaks of possible tricksters, trying to mess up with your brain. So choose wisely.

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2- The High Priestess

This is the card that symbolizes the secrets and the divine feminine. During this year, it feels like you’re protected by feminine deities and the great mother Earth. This year focuses on your inner self and what you hide inside. The high priestess is also the one who rules the lunar mysteries. Hence, it is very important to understand that anything you hold in your heart should be expressed wisely. Moreover, secrets should be kept. Information is very important, during the next 12 months. Be extra careful on what you learn and what you say.

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3- The Empress

This card symbolizes mother Earth’s abundance. It’s a feminine card which bears news regarding your prosperity and your family. The Empress is a very lucky card and will help you be creative and fertile in the next 12 months. Moreover, she will guide you to choose wisely in order to find a balance between your income and your expenses, as you might have lost it the previous years.

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4-The Emperor

This is a very important year for you, my dear. Not just another ordinary 12 months for you. This is probably the year you will try to establish your power in your life. But please be aware that with great power comes great responsibility. The choices might not be always easy, and everything comes with a cost. However, this year is indeed what you’ve been looking for, to banish the problems from your life and assert your dominance in this world.

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 5- The Hierophant

This is a year of truths and realizations. This is my personal favourite card, and that’s not because it’s an easy one, because it’s a liberating one. I personally find nothing more attractive and fulfilling than the truth. Remember that on the same scale of Hierophant is the Temperance – the life and magic force that runs effortlessly if there aren’t any blocks. Hence, you should not allow any blocks talker, for there are no worse blocks than those we create with the lies we tell to ourselves.

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6-The Lovers

The next 12 months you will have the opportunity to choose different life paths. You are blessed with unique opportunities. But you have to choose wisely. This is a very promising year as you can set the foundations for a fruitful and prosperous life. This is a balanced card, yet a card that gives many blessings, and it is very important for you to channel all this abundant energy, and make your life abundant again!

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7- The Chariot

This year is a year full of possibilities for success and once in a lifetime opportunities. Hence you need to keep an eye on these opportunities, and grasp them and make the best out of them. Success is near, but it is not achieved yet. Success and enlightenment comes when we are ready, as the ancient Greeks taught us. Are you ready? If not, please make sure you get ready as soon as possible!

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8- Strength

This card is self explanatory. As you can simply understand, in the next 12 months everything will require your focus and your perception, in order to proceed further. You will find that you possess much more power than you thought and anticipated . Hence, this power will be directed to your evolution, healing, increasing your income and prosperity. This year you’ll find the strength to fight everything that is against you.

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9- The Hermit

Do not be mistaken. This is not a bad year for you. Hermit is an auspicious card. He may not be as bright as the Sun, but it’s absolutely essential for you. Why? Because you come a long way, my dear. Somewhere in this long path of yours, you may have lost your way or, maybe, even yourself. Hence, this year is a very important year for you, as it helps you to explore new possibilities and to rebrand yourself. Yes, this year is not a very auspicious relationship-wise, but you might have the opportunity to meet your soulmate.

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10- The Wheel of Fortune

This year can regarded both as auspicious and as critical, at the same time. This happens because the wheel of Fortune is an omen of change. Hence, you are advised to expect opportunities, as you will be able to follow a different life-path. What is more important is that this change may not look always good at first, but it’s definitely something that will help you with your life. So, fill your aura with good magic and shine like never before.

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11- Justice

You are advised, by this card, to always be aware that your actions have consequences. I mean, this is something you obviously already know, but Karma is really obvious during the next 12 months. Also, this card hints you that karmic relationships are going to enter your life again. People you’ve known from past lives find their way back, to mend, or mess your life. However, remember that Justice holds the sword of truth, hence, you always have the ability to choose, even though sometimes it’s not that clear.

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12- The Hanged Man

This is a year that is not going to be exactly as you thought. Be prepared for a bumpy road, but not necessarily a bad one. What I really want to tell you is, remember the old saying that when people make plans, God laughs. Of course, the divine powers do not laugh at us, but what the old saying actually means is, do not jump into conclusions. This might be a year for a huge growth for you, but you have to embrace the unknown.

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13- Death

Do not be alarmed. This card does not imply physical death. Discard all the negativity regarding this Omen. Hence, what this card wants you to remember is that it’s time to put an end to things what have troubled you the past years, maybe for decades. This is the year to make clear start. I’m pretty sure you need that and that you already know you do.

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14- Temperance

Sometimes, when you’re lost, a Magical time comes when every piece of the weird this puzzle is presented to you in a clear and comfortable way. This is exactly the year where energies come into your life and go, and you understand things in ways which make perfect sense, but you could never have imagined those meaning, before. I would say that this is a Magical year for you, and, especially if you are a little bit more careful, it will set the foundations of a new and prosperus life.

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15- The Devil

Do you feel like you were living in fantasies. Or, maybe, that you do know the truth but it feels so comfortable getting lost in daydreaming and desires. Well this is it. This is the year when you are going to realize that dreaming is good, but sometimes we have to take drastic measures. In other words, make sure you are ready to face the truth you already know. It’s all about the choices you make. Remember that 1+5 equals 6, which is actually associated with the card of the Lovers. Hence, this can be a very fruitful year for you, if you manage to stay grounded.

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16- The Tower

The previous year may have been a year that you realize the truth about others and yourself. Hence, you may have felt like you were falling from grace. This is exactly what this is all about. This is the year when you realize that you need to make a clear start, as you have probably been misled in the past. But what’s done is done. Now, you have been given the power to make a new beginning, in every part of your life, career, or in relationships.

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17- The Star

Do you feel like you’ve been in the dark the past years? Well this is the year when light returns to you and your life. The star symbolizes hope, optimism and new beginnings. It’s like magic returns in the form of a person, or a promotion, or a healing. Hence, as you already understand, this is actually a lucky year for you, especially if you manage to keep an eye on opportunities and chances. Also, be aware of synchronicities, for, as we’ve said, magic returns in your life.

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18- The Moon

You are advised to be steady and patient during this year. The coming 12 months you will realize that emotions are blessings, but they can also drive you in dangerous paths. Banish the fear and negativity from your heart, and embrace the wholeness of the moon. This is a card that implies fertility, healing and abundance. Also, this year promises you powerful magic.

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19- The Sun

This is a very important year for you, as you can understand from the good vibes that come out just by looking at this card. You have a lot to expect. But what’s even more important, is to realize the depth and the accuracy of your desires. You see, you’ll be given amazing opportunities in the next 12 months. But ask yourself what is that you truly want? If you carry this feeling with you, the Universe will help you step by step.

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20- Judgement

An intense year and a very powerful one. Things are finally coming alive – your dreams and plans. There is so much power in you for the next 12 months. However, you need to find a proper way to express this power and direct it in a creative way. What is extremely important for you to know, is that energy is here for a reason. Do not waste it in anger and anxiety. Direct it to give life in your dreams. Because guess what? Now you can!

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21- The World

This is the absolute karmic year. During the next 12 months you’re going to realize that what you’ve tried in the past years, what you’ve worked for, is not lost. Nothing is lost. Whatever leaves, can come back – maybe in another form. Hence, be aware that this year signals completion, success and the closing of a circle of experiences. However, this is not the end. Because when one door closes, another one opens! Be prepared for new experiences!

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22- The Fool

The Fool is nothing but a fool. He is full of surprises and more importantly he is full of faith. As this card implies, during the next months you’re going to be blessed by the higher powers, which are going to guide you in a new circle of experiences. During the next 12 months, be very careful of opportunities and be ready not to give in to fear. Make your heart lighter. Banish sadness. Embrace your great new destiny which now begins!

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