Simple Jinx Removing Ritual


Put some drops of any cleansing oil in your palms and rub them for a few seconds. (You can try, Jinx Removing oil, Spell Breaking oil, Banishing etc). Take a nice breath while smelling your palms for a few moments. Now Relax.

Visualise you are barefoot in a forest and you call upon the cleansing forces of the rain. Call upon the glorious Angels of exorcism or God or Gods, whatever you feel more comfortable. Feel the rain coming on you, making you wet, washing away your problems.

Feel the cleansing water over your head, over your throat, you chest, your belly, then your back, washing your arms, washing your genitalia, washing your legs. See the rain taking away the dirt, see the Jinxes as stains who fade away, second after second from you, leaving you Cleaned and Refreshed! Visualise this in as much detail as you wish. Keep this thought for 3-5 minutes, as intense as you can! Then put few drops of the same oil on your temples, and in every major chakra. Drink a cup of chamomile, peppermint or lavender and have a sleep. You can enchant that cup but this is something you”ll find in another post soon! (so stay tuned!) Repeat each night in waning moon, from the full moon till the new moon, 14 days approximately. Even the first morning you”ll feel better, you”ll feel renewed. This spell might seem simple but believe me, it”s a really strong one. It combines alchemical wisdom (of the phases of the moon and the springs or vital energy of our bodies), the power of nature (the force of rain) and of course glorious Angels. It”s even better if after you put the oil on your body, you say a prayer to Archangel Michael, or to an entity you trust most. Use a glorious prayer.

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Never count on simple spells and oils if you experience serious difficulties. Whether this is a health problem (which you should visit of course first you doctors!) or demonic presence (when this is something you feel it happens, you should do a complete ritual with the help of experienced priest or mage) please always consider that magical oils are like perfumes on your Friday night date. You can”t rely only on this. Oh well… of course sometimes it”s more than enough! 🙂

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