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Are You Attacked In Your Sleep?
Posted on in Witchcraft

Are You Attacked In Your Sleep?

When we are Sleeping, we tend to be more sensitive to psychic phenomena as we tune down the mundane. Our brain is programmed to work mostly with the material world. Therefore, when in sleep mode, our magical self wakes up and is ready for some interesting journeys. You see, our Soul thirsts for Magic. And… Keep Reading

What to do When things get too spooky
Posted on in Spirit World/Witchcraft

What to do When things get too spooky

Let’s be honest. When we practice magic, we sometimes experience weird or scary stuff. Well, maybe at first some are scary. The more we practice magic we tend to protect ourselves from the mistakes of the past. Moreover, the more experienced we are, the better we know what to do when things get too spooky.… Keep Reading

Witch's Whisk
Posted on in Spellbook/Witchcraft

Witch’s Whisk – Fairy Magic

The Witch’s Whisk is a powerful charm of the Old Witches used for cleansing and banishing purposes. Although simple, this charm has long been credited as a magical tool drenched in fairy magic. Why? Because it is made of Blackberry twigs. Blackberry is a fairy plant.  When to Make a Witch’s Whisk During Waning Moon… Keep Reading

5 signs when evil witchcraft targets
Posted on in Witchcraft

5 Signs When Dark Witchcraft Targets You

Witchcraft is the Art of the Wise. An ancient Magical art which probably is as old as human race itself. Magic is the art of changing – bending reality in order to create a new one – more pleasant to the spell caster. As you can understand those who practice magic possess power and power… Keep Reading

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