Review: ‘Phoenix herbal blend’ of Rosarium Blends

Review: 'Phoenix herbal blend' of Rosarium Blends

Phoenix herbal Blend of Rosarium Blends. I was walking down the crowded streets of London with my fellow witches and we visited a store with occult supplies. While browsing the books in magic section, I accidentally saw a bunch of fancy bottles standing on the corner. When I picked up the books I wanted to buy I said to my friends “hey let’s check this out a bit“. A stand with oil recipes, hoodoo oils and herbal blends from different companies.

A Testimony for the ‘Phoenix Herbal Blend’

There was something there that took me by surprise. I saw the word “Phoenix” on a herbal blend. I didn’t know that there was one devoted to the Spirit of Fire. I picked it up and read “Firebird of rebirth and awakening-rising from the ashes. Fiery rebirth of true will !” and right above this it’s ingredients… “Myrrh, cinnamon, spikenard“… at first I though, they must be really bold to write down the ingredients but on the other hand, they know what they are doing, these three ingredients are said by Ovid and other scholars to be used by the Phoenix, in order to burn himself and resurrect …In this it collects cinnamon, and spikenard, and myrrh, and of these materials builds a pile…! Ovid stated. See more about the Sacred Phoenix here!

I bought it to give it a try and yes, my instincts were right. The special blend of “Rosarium Blends” dedicated to the firebird Phoenix is so pleasant, that even when we just opened the bottle to taste the smell of the herbs we were mesmerised

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Review: 'Phoenix herbal blend' of Rosarium Blends
Get here the ‘Phoenix herbal blend’ of Rosarium Blends!

.I soon tried it of course in a summoning ritual of the Phoenix, the Bennu bird. (Click here to learn how to summon the Phoenix – Firebird, to call upon his powers or Rejuvenation). I lighted up the candles the charcoal and put a generous amount of the incense to the fire. The odoriferous smoke filled my altar, filled my room with fire with true will, with confidence, I felt the presence of the firebird, my wish was stated and after a while my ritual was over.  What was not over, was the magnificent odour left in my room and the feeling that I’m renewed and powerful again, reminding me of my ritual and my will.

The quality of the Phoenix herbal blend is unprecedented ! Of course since then I use this excellent blend not only to summon the Phoenix but when I need a “resurrection” of my powers and my will.  The only issue is that the quantity is pretty small for its price but the quality will make you shout “it’s worth every penny!”.

Use this blend to:
* Resurrect your powers
* Empower your will
* Empower your magic
* Summon Bennu the Phoenix,
* Cleanse your altar

This product, Rosarium Blends’ Phoenix, is so great that I’m really thankful we took that turn in London and ended up to this store. You should definitely try it! Get it here!

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ancient-formula-review-phoenix-of-rosarium-blendsOne of the most mesmerising herbal blends I've ever tried. The quality of the Phoenix herbal blend is unprecedented! A magical product we definitely propose! The only issue is that the quantity is pretty small for its price but the quality will make you shout "it's worth every penny!".