Ancient Ink Formula Recipe: Dragon’s Blood ink


I bet you heard about dragon’s blood ink already. Dragon’s Blood is a red resin, which comes from a variety of plants, confusing both the modern and the experienced practitioners too. Let Magical Recipes Online shine some light on this precious substance!

Dragon’s Blood ink

Mages and Wizards who dig into their ingredients more and want to be more accurate and more effective always prefer the True Dragon’s Blood, the red resin of Dracaena species.

They would really tell you that this is one of the most commonly used magical substances and one that cannot be easily substituted! Burned in flames, powdered in Herbal Blends, added in Magical Potions and Elixir and of course used as the most powerful Magical Ink. Yet both Dracaena’s and Daemonorops’ resins are labeled and sold as Dragon’s blood.

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Get Dragon's Blood Ink
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Some suppliers sell widely even red resins from other Plants in order to achieve better income from their sales. This is because Dracaena”s resin is rather expensive, than the other plain red resins. We will soon examine the power of the Dragon’s Blood Resin, which is used in both Magic and Medicine. But now it”s time for the Dragon’s Blood ink! There is no magical ink more famous, more powerful and more often used than the Dragon’s Blood Ink!

Where to Use Dragon’s Blood ink

Used to inscribe Runes, to draw Seals, to make Talismans and in every spell which requires a magical ink, Dragon’s Blood ink is the first thing that pops into a wizard’s and a witch’s head! It”s not that difficult to make the ink, but you have to experiment a bit, trying less or more alcohol, so that you achieve the best solution of the resin.

Recipe of Dragon’s Blood ink!

Ancient Ink Formula Recipe: Dragon's Blood ink
Ancient Ink Formula Recipe: Dragon’s Blood ink

You will need

  • 1 Part of powdered true Dragon’s Blood Resin (it’s the Key Ingredient)
  • 12-15 Parts of Alcohol (for the dilution of the resin)
  • 1 Part of Arabic Gum (for making the solution more Colloidal so that the ink stays on the Pen)
  • few drops of essential oil of Cinnamon or Myrrh (optional)

The procedure is simple. Make all your resin a powder and add the ground Arabic Gum. Then add the alcohol just a little bit every time, till all the powder is dissolved completely. This might take some minutes. Filter through a strainer on which you have attached a piece of cloth (a clean piece of cloth of course, but a cloth you will not need again because after that you will dump it). Store the ink in a fancy Red Bottle and inscribe on it the name of your Ink. Keep on your altar ready to be used and trust me it will be used…widely! Dragon’s Blood Resin and Powdered Resin Tip! Do this procedure in Waxing Moon. Dragon’s Blood ink is used in most Spells that require you to write down anything! You probably have already came across this notorious ink in some Books of Shadows or Grimoires. Dragon’s Blood ink is REALLY POWERFUL. Use it with caution! Use it only in Benevolent Spells! Change Yourself, Change the World!


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