Herbal Magic Analysis: Peppermint, the Vampire Repellent


The Greek name diosmos (δυόσμος) refers to the plant Peppermint (Mentha x Piperita; the “x” in the Latin name shows it is a hybrid) which is a hybrid of spearmint and mentha aquatica. The Greek word is coming from the words ηδύς (idis) and οσμή (osmi), and it means this that has pleasant smell.

The whole family of mint plants is associated somehow with death. In Greek Mythology Minthe (Μίνθη) was a nymph of the river Acheron (Αχέροντας), which supposed to be one of the rivers going down to the underworld. Minthe saw the God Hades and fell in love with him, but Persephone, to avoid losing her husband turn the nymph to a mint plant. Therefore mint (and that is most probably spearmint) was used in the funeral rites of the ancient Greeks.

Peppermint and its essential oil have antiseptic qualities, and a smell that can cover many bad odors. It helps with stomachache, and aids the digestive system in general. Peppermint has many  therapeutic qualities such as smoothing headaches, calming the nerves and aids in maintaining the hygiene of the oral cavity.           Furthermore peppermint is considered to be an aphrodisiac, and it also gives a sense of welcoming to your guests. But there are more magical properties associated with this herb!             In a more spiritual level, peppermint helps in clearing negative energies, although spearmint and some other plants of the mint family could be more powerful. But peppermints help is irreplaceable when it comes to banishing vampires and vampiric entities, such as incubus and succubus. It also helps earthbound ghosts to find their way to the otherworld. Not only that, but it also promotes the healing of the “wounds” that vampires and vampiric entities have caused to the aura and the astral and etheric body.

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Finally peppermint also brings good luck, and a positive thinking, and helps in healing any situation physical or spiritual. Peppermint is a great scent to help you come in contact with Archangel Raphael and the Angels of health and healing.            If you believe that you are under a vampiric attack, burn peppermint in your house or bedroom every night. Also in a red piece of flannel put some dry peppermint leaves and sew it. Then put it around your neck. If you want to empower the amulet, add some powdered garlic.

If you want to bring good luck to your life burn some peppermint every morning praying for good luck. Add some rose petals or some bay leaves for better results.            Have essential oil of peppermint in an oil burner in the room of a sick person to promote healing. Keep in mind that this does not in any way replace the help that medicines and a qualified doctor can provide.            Please remember that other mint plants will awake the mind too much, and therefore they may not allow you to sleep, although with peppermint you won’t have such a problem.


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