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Magic of Dragon's Blood Resin
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Magic of Dragon’s Blood Resin

It’s no wonder we love it so much. After all, weren’t we the first to give you the recipe on how to make the Dragon’s Blood Ink? However, it’s not all about writing sigils and talismans. Dragon’s Blood Resin itself, is considered one of the most potent ingredients in Magic. A key ingredient in many… Keep Reading

Ginger Root's Magical Properties. Magic Hacks with Ginger
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Ginger Root’s Magical Properties. Magic Hacks with Ginger

Since the Ancient Times, ginger root was used as a food preservative. Our ancestors have noticed that when food was prepared with ginger did not go bad as quickly. Hence they considered Ginger Root to be magical. It’s true that Ginger has antimicrobial qualities. Ginger is quite effective against salmonella and parasites. But that’s only… Keep Reading

7 Magical Smudges and Why to Choose Each
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7 Magical Smudges and Why to Choose Each

Smudging, aka burning on charcoal (or self-burning) sacred herbs, flowers and resins is probably the most popular method to cleanse and/or charge a space/item/person. Since the dawn of Civilization, priests and priestesses murmured chants and prayers as the smoke of the herbs was rising, filling the room, becoming one with the Cosmos. Magical Smudges have… Keep Reading

5 Reasons to Use Palo Santo Everyday!
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5 Reasons to Use Palo Santo Everyday!

Bursera graveolens, more commonly known from the Spanish language as ‘Palo Santo’ which means ‘holy wood’, is a wild tree native to Mexico and South America (the Yucatán Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela). Its citrus, minty scent and yellowish piney smoke became very popular in Northern America from the 1960’s and since then, many forms… Keep Reading

Our Top 10 Witchy Superfoods to prepare us for the Winter
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10 Witchy Superfoods for the Winter

Witchy Superfoods? Nature has given us an abundance of gifts that can prepare us for Winter. A Wise Witch knows that a healthy mind and soul is living in a healthy body and aura. For this reason, we have chosen our Top 10 Witchy Superfoods (believe me the list was humongous) which can help you… Keep Reading

a thousand-year-old Illustrated 'Magic Book' of Herbal Remedies Available for Free
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a thousand-year-old Illustrated ‘Magic Book’ of Herbal Remedies Available for Free

The Quest for the Herbal Magic is older that we can possibly know. Herbal Magic is what gave life to biology, modern medicine and chemistry. At some point, especially during the Dark Ages, preparing herbal remedies were considered ‘satanic’ rituals and all who practiced it could be accused for Witchcraft. And we all know that… Keep Reading

7 Magical Herbs to Grow at Home
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7 Magical Herbs to Grow at Home

Yes, it’s no news that Witches love herbs. It’s no news either that we love to grow them and establish magical connection with them. Just like they communicate with totems and spirit allies, Witches protect and nourish their plants and grow them like living allies. Well, these are 7 Magical Plants which are easy to… Keep Reading

corn dollies
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Corn Dollies

One activity for Lughnasadh that is thousands of years old is the making of the “Corn Dollies”. This is a custom that originates with the people that once grew corn before the invention of farming machinery. They believed that the grain crops were home to a spirit. When they harvested the crop, it would made… Keep Reading

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Burning Frankincense is Antidepressant

Yes, it is! Burning Frankincense is now proven to be psychoactive. Well I bet you are thinking, “I’ve already know it as I’ve tried it from Magical Recipes Online”! Yes, not only us, but many Witches and Mages proposed burning Frankincense to uplift your energy.  “Burn Frankincense along with Myrrh and Rosemary to Uplift your… Keep Reading

coconut oil
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Coconut Oil “superfood” debunked

I bet that you’ve heard hundreds of reports in New Age and Natural Food sites that Coconut oil Superfood’s are miraculous. According to these sites, Coconut Oil Superfood can be used in almost every disease, preventing or even healing disturbing situations like: heart problems thyroid diseases prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia cure arthritis manage diabetes… Keep Reading

tea magic
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Tea Magic: Health Benefits and Magic Properties

Tea is a beverage with a very long history – probably the longest in human race. Legend has it, that the Chinese emperor Shen-nong discovered the herb in 2737 BC as the leaves accidentally fallen into the hot water he was drinking. Thus, amazed by Tea Magic, the emperor dedicated his life to the invention… Keep Reading

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