Tap into the Triquetra: A Power Awakening Spell

Tap into the Triquetra: A Power Awakening Spell

One of the very first things, a witch or a mage should do is to cast a spell to awaken his/her magical power. There are many spells to do that. In our Version, this spell is empowered by the Triquetra, a magical symbol used for centuries by witches.

Tap into the Triquetra: A Power Awakening Spell

Triquetra Magic

Triquetra is a highly significant and important symbol in Magical traditions all over the world. To know more about the Triquetra symbol click here. Here is a spell to invoke the magical power of the Triquetra, a spell to awaken your magical power!

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Now place the Triquetra in the middle. Put one white candle in each corner of the symbol and if you are using incense sticks put one stick in every corner of the Triquetra between the symbol and the candle. In the lower corner put Jasmine, on the top the Rose and the third corner place Patchouli.

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Alternatively, if you use dry flowers or oils put the incense/oil burner underneath the Triquetra, in the middle and a bit above of the two lower candles. Now light the candles and the incense (sticks or incense/oil burners) and chant 9 times (three times three) with all your heart and with a smile upon your face:

“Powers of high, listen to my plea
Three aspects of the Divine I invoke thee.
This magic time, this magic hour
I ask you to lend me your power.
Bless this symbol with your love,
Bless this symbol with your might,
I feel you with me day and night.
Hear my call,
hear my plea
Three as One always with me!
Three as One forever be!”

Finishing the Ritual

Now thank the Gods/God for their gifts and love and leave an offering (as you can imagine three offerings suit better to this spell. Furthermore, for maximum potency repeat this spell for three consecutive days, even better schedule the spell to start one day before the Full Moon, repeat again the day of the Full Moon and once more the day after the Full Moon.

power awakening spell triquetra

You can either let the candles burn to the end or save them if you want to repeat the ritual and use them again. Remember the Gods/God embrace diversity. Repeat as needed. Bury the remains of the candles and incense and keep the symbol. The symbol can be used when you are casting spells and you can wear it or keep it with you to feel the power of the Divine. Moreover, Remember the Divine is always in you, with you and all around you.

“Three as One forever Be, Three as One blessed you all be”

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