Triquetra , the triple aspect of the Divine


In this brief article I am going to present and attempt to analyse the meaning of the Triquetra. Used often in popular culture such as the series “Charmed” and the album cover of Led Zeppelin,

this symbol has intrigued many for its occult symbolism and I am sure that many of you feel a certain attraction to it. But what is the real meaning behind this symbol?

Let’s have a look first at the etymology of the word. Triquetra comes from the Latin words “tri” and“quetra” meaning “three” and “cornered” respectively and its original meaning is triangle.At a first level of analysis, 3 is a magical number with specific occult symbolism. In paganism, we can see that the aspects of the divine are often represented by the number three.

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Triquerta, like a Venn Diagram of Probabilities
Triquerta, like a Venn Diagram of Probabilities

Triquetra and the Great Goddess

The Goddess has three archetypical aspects: Maiden, Mother and Crown while the God is represented as the Horned God or the Hunter, the God-King (ruler of the Summer Solstice) and the Sacrificed God. I am aware that many other pagans will use different terms for the three archetypical aspects of God and I cherish into that. Always remember that Gods embrace diversity.

Get a Silver Triquetra Necklace with an alchemical 'activation herbal mix' exclusively in Magical Recipes Online
Get a Silver Triquetra Necklace with an alchemical ‘activation herbal mix’ exclusively in Magical Recipes Online

Now back to the point, Triquetra can easily be affiliated with the three aspects of the Divine and express the Unity between them “Three as One” meaning that all three aspects of the Divine are One and One is expressed by three (many).

Ancient stone with Triquerta

Explaining the Triquetra

I will take this one step further and give an example. The Goddess in most traditions is usually depicted as the Moon. The Moon has three phases (four according to some) waning moon, full moon and waxing moon. Now imagine three circles like a Venn diagram in Probabilities [pic.2] (always a passion for Statistics but I won’t take it too far this time) you can see that the parts that are joining together form the Triquetra, three aspects of the moon, three aspects of the Goddess (or Divine) joined together.

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