Dark Arts Defence : Simple Earthly and Smart ways of Protection

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Sometimes you may feel that you are under magical, psychic or demonic attack. 

There are several things you can do to protect yourself from these attacks. In this post I am going to give you some simple things you can do on an earthly plane to protect yourself of such attacks. 
Keep in mind that protection and repelling/uncrossing are two different things, although sometimes the procedures seem to be alike. Protection is simpler, needs much less of energy and intends to multiply your power of self-defence so that you will avoid any more problems. 
On the other hand repelling/uncrossing intends to remove an influence that has been already established in you, your energetic bodies or your premises. I am going to cover this matter in a later post.
Now, the first thing you should do to protect yourself is eat. Eat well and prefer much red meat. This will empower your physical and your spiritual energy and therefore your ability to defend against the attacks. 
Stopping psychic attacksBuy some charcoals. Simple wood charcoals, not the charcoal disks that are used for incense burning. You don’t need to buy many. In fact you need three big pieces and practically, depending on the season, you will need six to nine big pieces. Now in a white plate, or in a plate covered with a white towel put three pieces of charcoal and put the plate under your bed before going to sleep. Next morning take the charcoals and wash them under running cool water. To do this just turn your tap fully and put the charcoals one by one under the running water for a minute or two. Then let the charcoals to dry fully, if possible under the Sun. That is why you may need more than three charcoals as they may not be able to dry completely during the day. Keep doing this every day until you feel that the attacks have stopped, or continue doing this for ever. It costs nothing after all. This is very effective to protect you against physic and demonic attacks. 
Herbs to protect you from magical attacks
Use some rue. Put a teaspoon of dried rue in some silver foil and have it in your pocket. This is a quite good protective talisman against dark magic, and this is the only 100% safe way to use rue. 
You can also burn rue in your premises, but keep in mind that the smell is not very pleasant and lasts for long time. Do air the place thoroughly after burning rue. Also you can wash yourself with rue water, or even drink – if you dare – decoction of rue. Also you can put it in your foods. A pinch or two would be more than enough. 
Rue is very bitter and it is toxic in large quantities. DO NOT consume rue and do not drink or wash yourself with rue water (which is decoction of rue), if you have a sensitive stomach or digestive system and NEVER if you are pregnant or want to be soon. Even if none of the above is true if you notice any discomfort while consuming rue or washing yourself with rue water stop immediately. Needless to say not to use the essential oil of rue on your person or in your house. 
If you don’t want to use rue, there are several crystals with powerful protective properties by their nature, so they will do the job quite well even without having them activated properly. 
Amethyst is my favourite as it does not trap the negativity but simply sends it away. Hematite (and not hemalite – the synthetic hematite that is usually being sold as hematite) has great protective properties but it is a trap so it needs to be cleaned occasionally. The same goes for the quartz
Also drink daily blessed water – in this blog there are already two of them, the May Holy Water and the Amethyst Elixir – and sprinkle some in your premises. These are few of the things you can do without even having any experience in spell casting, or spiritualism in order to protect yourself. 
There are also numerous of protective talismans you may use but those need a proper activation. 
Exception to this rule may be the pentagram as its power is great even without any activation. 
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