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Who’s this Goddess? *Yemaya: The Great Mother Goddess of the Sea

Yemaya the Great Mother Goddess of the Sea how and why to invoke this powerful entity I am glad to be back on Magical Recipes Online after...

Ruby and its magical Properties. The King of Gems

Crystal & Gem Magic. Correspondences, Lore and Magical Properties. Ruby, the King of Gems. Ruby, one of the most highly-valued, one of the most...

Ultimate Magical Charm: 9 Herbs of August

Lammas Day Spells & Magic, the Ultimate Magical Charm: the 9 Herbs of August. There is one Recipe for Magic during the Lammas Day...

Gem Analysis: Black Obsidian, the Smoking Mirror

Gem analysis: Obsidian is a volcanic glass produced by rapidly cooled silicic lava. Due to the fact that obsidian is a hard volcanic material it...

Who’s this Goddess? * Sekhmet, the Solar Lioness

Egyptian Pantheon Sekhmet, the Lioness The one who is Powerful     Sekhmet is one of the oldest and most worshiped Goddesses in the Egyptian Pantheon. Her name (which is also...

Dark Arts Defence : Simple Earthly and Smart ways of Protection

copyright belongs to Arista Records Sometimes you may feel that you are under magical, psychic or demonic attack.    There are several things you can do to...