Feng Shui Remedies for more and better SEX

Feng Shui Remedies for more and better sexual life. There are many magical ways to fire up your sex life and increase your libido! One of them is Feng Shui!

Feng Shui Remedies for more and better SEX

Feng Shui Remedies for more and better sexual life. There are many magical ways to fire up your sex life and increase your libido! One of them is Feng Shui! But first of all, what is feng shui? Meaning exactly “Air and Water” Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of geomancy and astrology, inextricably attached to Tao, the Chinese Philosophy and Religion. This ancient technique utilizes the powers of the earth and the stars to make your life better.

History of Feng Shui

Did you know that Feng Shui was not allowed to be practiced in ancient China by civilians? The  power of this knowledge was strictly forbidden to anyone else but the emperor. The emperor used Feng Shui in order to prolong his life and reign as well as spoil him in riches, beauty and sex!

Thankfully now we have this wisdom in our hands! So why not use it and have the blessings of the Chinese royalty? In Feng Shui as in life, sex and love are different things yet attached somehow with each other.

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Sex is both associated with two Directions of the Compass. The SouthWest and the South. These are the sectors of you home which you have to energize in order to enhance your sex life! Let’s see one by one some simple steps you can follow.

Red, the colour of passion is the colour of Fire which are both applicable to both directions and this is why:

South is associated with Fire in Feng Shui and SouthWest is associated with Earth. In Taoist system Fire is the Mother of Earth (meaning that Fire produces the element of Earth) so Fire can be used to energize Earth. Enough with the theory let’s practice Feng Shui (so that we can do more and better sex!) – See here more Witchy Ways to improve Sexual Life

Feng Shui Remedies for Better Sex

1* First of all take a look at your bedroom. What is this thing you want there and would make you feel better? Maybe more sexy? Buy it!

2* You should consider buying some red objects in the Southern and South-Western rooms. A great remedy would be two identical red candles standing next to each other. Light those candles every now and then. (Always be careful with candles. Never leave them unattended)

3* You can put a red lamp in those rooms and light it up often to create a more sexy atmosphere.

4* You can buy a painting depicting a sexy couple (whatever turns you on, straight or gay couple having sex maybe?) and put it on your wall of your bedroom and also in the rooms in South or SouthWest.

5* What would be great is to buy a painting or the same live flowers called Clemantis Vitalba also known as Old man’s Beard herb, or Traveler’s joy herb. Purple ones will fire up the passion in your life (and also help you with Social Success!!). If you cant find them you can buy a painting or a poster depicting these flowers.

6* Your bedroom is not a temple. Don’t mix it up. You can still have your Symbols, charms but move the most to other rooms. Your bedroom is a temple of your pleasure and this is how it’s meant to be!

7* If that’s applicable try to paint Red one or more walls! Fire vibes will radiate and power up your sex appetite including your partner’s!

8* Clean up the (possible) mess in your bedroom. I know that sometimes you don’t believe in yourself or maybe you feel like you’ll never find love … blah blah… but just take a minute a think. Let’s say the Hottest partner you’ve ever imagined is waiting for you. Would you invite him in your bedroom and still fill comfortable ? If yes then… MAZELTOFF!! But if not, stop being lazy and make your bedroom the sexiest and cleanest room all over the world!

Many more Feng Shui Remedies are Coming for sex, love, money and more!!! The wisdom is limitless.

Feng Shui will deal with nature’s forces and by subtle yet effective ways will transform your life! The only thing you have to do is a kick-start! These and other Feng Shui remedies are unlikely to work instantly, yet it will work and then, when the wave of positive energy starts to flow, it will be impossible to stop. This is the power of nature. This is natural magic.

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Start now! Change yourself, Change the World!

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