Herbal Magic of Passion Flower – Passiflora


Do you seek love? Does your house look like a battlefield? Is your husband/wife quite brutal to you and the children?

Then this is the time to address these issues (and even more) and I will teach you how.

Passion Flower will be your ally and I want you all to be aware of its extravagant qualities.  Passion Flower (Sci. Name: Passiflora Incarnata) is usually found in nature as a vine or shrub. It starts to appear to open in May and that is potentially where it owes its alternative name Maypop.  Its flowers have a unique shape that reminds a clock or the sun and they turn to the very famous, both for culinary and magical purposes, passion fruit. The plant was used in folk medicine for its calming properties as the tea from the fresh or dried leaves was used to treat insomnia, hysteria, depression and even epilepsy. 

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The Passion Flower has a rich symbolism in Christianity and it is said that represents the martyrdom of Christ such as His flagellation, the Ten Apostles (excluding St. Peter and Judas) and the Holy Grail and it is also seen as a symbol of Purity.

Even though I respect the Christian symbolism I would gladly say that I prefer its use in magic. Passion Flower is used as an active ingredient in many Love Spells to bring or raise passion and it is a herb of Sun. The plant is used both to attract a passionate lover and instill with passion the Witch him/herself. It can also be used to bring passion in a current relationship and raise long forgotten feelings like a Phoenix from its ashes. 

What you may not know is that Passion Flower has a unique affinity with Gay Males as it is said that the flowers represent a more romantic version of penis (even though I disagree a bit with that as it will bring you a fiery love J).  Therefore, it is one of the rare ingredients to be used in Gay Love Spells. 

Passion Flower can bring passion but has also the power to moderate it. It is an excellent herb to use with the appropriate incantations and rituals for home blessing and to bring peace. It has also the power to remove “negative passions” and I will explain what I mean with the term. Do you have the bad habit to gamble a lot, do you smoke or eat like a maniac, do you abuse the people around you (even the ones you claim you love)? Then Passion Flower can be used effectively to calm these kinds of passions. 

What to expect from me in the future? I will happily share with you a Gay Male Love Spell (sweet lesbians, straight boys and girls don’t worry we will have plenty for you as well), a spell for Home Blessing and a spell for Calming a cruel and brutal partner as I want to include as many and diverse categories for my fellow witches by using this botanical and I want you all to be happy in every possible wayJ.

Use Passion Flower:

  • To bring a passionate lover in your life
  • To instill yourself with passion
  • In gay male love spells
  • To warm  again your current relationship
  • In house blessing rituals and spells
  • To bring peace in your house
  • To send back to where they belong all the “bad habits” that you fuel with passion
  • To calm a brutal partner  
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