How to make and use the Wall of Protection oil & incense

Wall of Protection

As promised in the “Dark Arts Defence: Simple Spiritual and Smart Ways of Protection” post, I am now going to give you a way to prepare a protective oil to use in your house, office, store etc and on yourself and anyone.

There is a very simple, yet powerful mix of great protective power, while having some cleansing power as well. It is called Wall of Protection.

The main reason I like this protective mix is that one can use it in combination with many – almost any – other protective means, herbs and resins to empower its protective powers against particular kinds of magical, psychic, spiritual and demonic attacks. First of all we are going to make the solid mix, which can be used as protective incense and then we will make it to an oil. How to create the wall of protectionThe Recipe of Wall of Protection: Prepare this either on Sunday (Day of the Helios / Sun) or on Tuesday (Day of Ares / Mars) during daytime, preferably while the Moon is waxing.

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You will need:

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  • Myrrh gum
  • Frankincense gum
  • Cooking salt
  • Essential oil of cinnamon (or cinnamon leaf)
  • Sweet Almond oil
  • A jar to prepare the oil
  • A bottle to store the oil

Take about 30gr of each gum and 30gr of salt and put them in a mortar. Then powder them all together till you make them to a fine powder.

Now, while having the powder still in the mortar start putting the essential oil drop by drop and blending the mix until you have put 15 drops. If you are using cinnamon leaf add 30 drops instead of 15.

Now, the incense is ready. If you don’t want to make an oil out of it, roll down to see how you are going to give it its full power.

Now, to make the Wall of Protection oil, add to 50 ml of Sweet Almond oil 30 grams of the mix. Close the jar, and shake it well. Leave the jar in a warm, even hot place. If you can, during daytime, leave it under Sun light, but take it inside and away of the windows during night. Wait for seven days, shaking the jar at least three times a day.

On the eighth day, during daytime filter the oil to the bottle and dispose the solid mix. You’ll be having about 30 ml of Wall of Protection oil.

Now, you need to awake the powers of the oil and the incense. Draw in a big enough piece of paper the Magic Square of the Sun and put the bottle and the incense on it. Have the bottle opened. If you can face the Sun, and even have the square, the oil and the incense under direct Sun light.

Summon the Solar Deity (i.e. Surya, Ravi, Rama, Ra, Apollo, Sekhmet) or Divine Solar Spirit (i.e. Phoenix, Archangel Michael) of your choice to help you.

Then mentally or literally salute the Sun and say:

“Oh Great Sun I greet you. Wherever you see me greet me back and Now I ask you to do this for me, Awake, Empower and Bless these (or this if you are blessing only the incense or the oil) products of your Art, so that they build your unconquerable Wall of Protection to whom uses them and to where they are used.”

Let the Sun work with your materials as long as you feel He is working. Then thank the Sun and the Gods/Spirits you have called and release them. Your products are ready.

How to use Wall of Protection incense:

  • Burn it in your premises to protect them from evil forces.
  • Burn it while you are performing a protective ritual for your self/house/office/store.
  • Burn it in your bedroom before going to sleep to be protected while you are sleeping.
  • Burn it and pass your protective crystals or talismans through its smoke to empower their protective powers.

How to use Wall of Protection oil:

  • Put some on the knobs and locks of your doors and windows.
  • Anoint the outside of the front and back door of your house.
  • Anoint a candle to burn for protection or the candles you are using in protective rituals.
  • Put some of the oil in an oil lamp (not those that are using paraffin oil) or a voodoo lamp of power for protection.
  • Anoint protective talismans to empower them even more.
  • Put some on your body. On the energy centres of your palms and soles, or on all your energy centres. Be careful though as cinnamon is caustic and extremely irritating for your skin. You may need to dilute the mix in some more oil, preferably either sweet almond oil or sunflower oil.

If you add some peppermint (the dried botanical to the incense or the essential oil to the oil) it will give you greater protection against vampiric entities. Add some rue to give you more protection against black magic (but remember then not to use this oil on your body if you are pregnant or want to be soon). Add some lavender to be more protected against ghosts.

Have fun, and remember to salute the Sun!

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