Advanced Magic: how to Invoke Apollo and be Blessed by the Sun!

Advanced Magic: how to Invoke Apollo and be Blessed by the Sun!

There is no one more suitable to invoke during the Summer Solstice / Litha / Midsummer than Apollo, the Sun God of the Greeks. Apollo’s qualities are gloriously manifested as the God of Sun. He is very benevolent in almost every aspect although he demands Virtue and Respect. You can learn more about Apollo and his Cult here!

Apollo, as the God of Sun, is suitable to invoke and summon for every Sabbath (Sabbat) especially Yule, Imbolc, Beltane, Litha and Lammas (Lughnasadh) as Apollo is linked with the Sun Circle. Moreover, Apollo is the He who Greeks called and prayed to for nearly EVERYTHING! Wealth, Health, Fame, Power, Prophecy, Magic … EVERYTHING!

The following is the traditional Invoking Method, Greeks use since the Ancient times. Orpheus the legendary Musician, Poet and Prophet of the Greek Religion wrote several Hymns / Invocations for Gods and other Deities! Here we give you the Hymn of Apollo, translated and adapted by Magical Recipes Online based on prior translations and the knowledge of our Archaeologist. This Hymn we give you is our original adaptation of the Ancient Greek one, accurate and suitable for everyone.

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How to invoke Apollo?

How to summon Apollo’s powers? Feel free to adopt the following technique but remember the Orpheus said that the best way to Invoke Apollo is with Manna (Mana) which we will write soon an article on what exactly is but to give you a hint Manna is probably the extract of Boswellia Sacra, a type of Frankincense. So Light your candles, dedicate them to Apollo, light up a charcoal and put some Manna on. Let the odorous smoke fill your altar and your room.

The Invocation of Apollo can be done for:

  • Health Spells
  • Empower your Sabbath’s Rituals
  • Money Spells and Wealth Spells
  • Good Luck Spells
  • Sun Magic
  • Fire Magic
  • Divination and Prophetic Dreams Spells
  • Empower your Magic Spells
  • Protection Spells
  • Love and Beauty Spells (Straight or Gay Love Spells)
  • Sport Spells (to achieve better performance in Sports)
  • Fame Spells
  • To be protected in War
  • Breaking Spells (Spell Breaking Rituals and Unbinding Spells)
  • Exorcisms

The Orphic Hymn of Apollo Invoking Apollo :

Blissful Pæan, come, You who are revered glorioulsy, Memphian, Slayer of Tityus, God of health, Lycorian Phœbus, fruitful source of wealth and happiness . Spermatic, golden-lyred, patron of farmers, Titanic, Grunian, Smynthian, Slayer of Python, Delphian king: Oracle, Wild, You who bring the Light, beloved Glorious young Man, you who are the leader of the Muses, leader of the Dance, Noble and lovely, Far-darting, Archer, Bacchian, two-fold, bowman, Loxian, pure, You who took back Delos whose light-producing eye Views all within, and all beneath the sky, You whose hair is gold, whose oracles and omens are clear and sustained, Hear me entreating for the human kind (or anyone you want) Hear my prayer, and be present with delightful heart; For you survey all this boundless æther , and you look the Abundant and blessed Earth from the above, and in the darkness of the silent Night, your eyes are the Stars, You see the stable roots of the Earth, The world’s wide bounds, You are caring about all the source and the end, You make everything Bloom! It is thine all Nature’s music to inspire, With your various-sounding, harmonising lyre, Now the last string You turn, to quiver in the sweet and single melody, Divinely warbling now the highest chord; The immortal golden lyre, now touched by thee, Responsive yields a Dorian melody. All Nature’s tribes to thee their difference owe, And changing seasons from thy music flow Hence, mixed by thee in equal parts, advance Summer and Winter in alternate dance, This claims the highest, that the lowest string, The Dorian measure tunes the lovely spring . Hence by mankind, call you Pan, the two-horned God, Emitting whistling winds through you, Since to thy care and hands lies the Seal which stamps the world with forms of every kind. Hear me, blessed power of the Blissful One, and in these rites rejoice with Me (or Us), And save thy mystics with a suppliant voice.

by Οrpheus

Blessed be!

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