Witch’s way against Depression

Witch's way against Depression

Depression is maybe the most common unwanted mental and psychological condition of our days. Nine out of ten people suffer of this condition in one degree or another. That doesn’t mean that all nine of them suffer from a severe case of depression, neither that all of them need psychiatric help. But if you believe that you need some, do get some. Let’s take a loot at Witch’s way against Depression.

Here I am going to give you some help for undoing minor cases of depression or sadness. It also help to ease the way of the therapy of more serious cases, but it should be used along with the help of an expert, being him/her a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a hypnotherapist, an acupuncturist or whoever expert you may prefer.

Since I would not suggest anything to eat/drink, this procedure should not affect any medical help you are getting, but since my knowledge in homeopathy is limited, if you are having such help, ask your therapist before using the essential oils. Also, since essential oils are natural products you may have an allergy to any of them even when you are just using them for aromatherapy (although this case is rare for the particular essential oils), so if you notice such symptoms stop using the essential oils immediately.

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Witch’s way against Depression

Now, what you will need is:

  • First and most importantly your intention to overcome sadness or depression. It may seem obvious but, from my experience I can say, it is not.
  • An oil burner
  • Two empty 20 ml bottles, to put the mixes, with dropper.
  • Essential oils of (sweet) orange and patchouli. * Essential oils of neroli (neroli is actually the essential oil of the blossoms of sour orange tree, but essential oil of orange blossoms will work almost as good) and narcissus.
  • Essential oils of jasmine and geranium.
  • A Mirror. It doesn’t have to be a specific one. You may use anyone you have. But it would be good to be portable as you will need it in your bedroom for the night session and in the room you spend most of your day for the morning session. Two mirrors, one in each room, will do the same job.

Morning and Night Formula

Now, put in the first 20ml bottle 5 ml of each: Orange, Patchouli, Jasmine and Geranium. Close the bottle and gently shake it so that the oils will mix nicely. Label it “Morning formula” or something alike for you are going to use this mix during daytime.

In the second bottle mix 5 ml of each: Neroli, Narcissus, Jasmine and Geranium. Close the bottle and gently shake it so that the oils may mix nicely. Label it “Night formula” or something alike for you to know that this mix is going to be used during nighttimes.

Now, you are ready to begin! Start one morning, any morning of the week. Well I know that for a person suffering from depression day may begins at noon or even later. Don’t worry about that for the moment. Whenever you wake up, that’s the morning for you! Just see to wake up while the Sun is over the horizon.

Witch's way against Depression
Witch’s way against Depression

Air your bedroom and the room you are going to use. While doing so, wash your face, drink your coffee (which by the way is antidepressant) or whatever you drink, but not just yet eat your breakfast, if you are taking any.

Now, close the windows of the room you are going to use, but let the daylight to come in (Sun light has also be proven to be antidepressant). Put six drops of the “Morning formula” mix in the oil burner and water and light the tea-candle of the oil burner (or if you are using an electronic burner do it according to its instructions).

Have the mirror in hand, manner of speaking. Close your eyes and start performing the hatha yoga balancing breathing exercise or if you find it too difficult take ten deep breaths.

Now, open your eyes and look your eyes in the mirror. Try to focus in both your eyes in the same time. It may seem difficult to achieve this but do it the best way you can. Smile, and this is very important. Smile to yourself. And speaking normally keep repeating for five minutes: “Now I am becoming free. Now I am becoming happy. Now I am starting enjoying my life.”

When you will be able, continue this for ten minutes, but start by repeating the phrases for at least five.

Now, simply sit down, if you are not, and close your eyes. Take a few more deep breaths or repeat the balancing breathing and then for five more minutes visualizing yourself smiling and shining. Then open your eyes and do whatever you want to do. Don’t just do whatever you are used to doing, do whatever you feel doing, for changes have already started to happen so you may feel like changing your routine.

If you like you may use the Surya or Ravi mantras.

Let the burner burning for as many hours as possible and refill water and the mix if necessary.

In the evening decide when it would be a good time for you to start sleeping. Then go to your bedroom about an hour earlier. Take a pleasant book with you. A comic will do perfectly. Close windows and doors and put six drops of the “Night formula” mix in to the burner as well as water, and light it.

Close your eyes and perform the balancing breathing or take ten deep breathes. Then open your eyes and look into the mirror smiling as you have done in the morning. Now repeat for five minutes (or ten if you can) the famous Émile Coué’s suggestion “Every day, in every way I am getting better and better”, or if you prefer use the Silva’s variation “Every day, in every way I am getting better, better and better”.

Now sit down again (if you are not) and simply close your eyes. Take some deep breathes or repeat the balancing breathing. Then visualize yourself being happy and shining for about five minutes.

Very well! Now are you feeling sleepy? If so, extinguish the candle’s light, open just slightly the door, turn off the lights and go to sleep. If you want, perform the relaxing breathing to help you even more. If not, it’s ok. Start reading your pleasant book. Stay in the room, keep the oil burner burning, lie in your bed and read the book.

When the time comes, extinguish the tea-candle, open just slightly the door, turn off the lights, lie in your bed and perform the relaxing breathing. Most probably you are going to sleep a wonderful sleep. If in any case you wouldn’t, just light again the burner and keep reading.


NEVER watch TV prior sleeping. Alternatively, listen to some nice and relaxing music playing.

Now, visualization may be quite tricky, especially for a not so happy person that visualizes himself or herself happy. So, although the visualizations required for these procedures are very simple, if you find your mind “seeing” things you don’t want, just pretend that you see just what you want, and keep calming repeating to yourself “I am visualizing myself being happy and shining”.

This is a basic procedure to overcome the tricks of the mind. I am going to post some articles about visualization as soon as possible.

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