Winter Solstice Magic: A Yule Purification Spell

Winter Solstice Magic: A Yule Purification Spell

Maybe the most powerful period of the year is approaching; the period between the moment Sun astrologically enters the sign of Capricorn and the moment that Sun astronomically enters the sign of Capricorn. The Winter Solstice, also known as Yule. It’s time for Purification. 

Yule Purification Spell

The first is going to happen on the 21st of December and this is the Winter Solstice, Midwinter or Yule, the magical New Year’s Day.The second will occur on the 14th of January, and this is considered to be the New Year’s Day in the divine plane. India celebrates this as Makar Sankranti.

Also, in almost the middle of this period is January the first, the almost worldwide celebrated New Year, and after this period, the Chinese New Year is coming on 10th of February. (The Hindi New Year on 11th of April has more to do with the Spring Equinox, as it happens when Sun, astronomically enters the sign of Aries) The Yule celebration help us get rid of anything that we don’t need any more and holds us back as well as to sow the seeds of whatever we want to receive and achieve in the new year. And these are the energies of both days and time in between.

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The Yule

The Sun (for the Northern Hemisphere) enters his most dark place, and symbolically dies with the old year and rises anew with the New Year. Actually on the lands of the Northern Polar Circle, the Sun will set on the 20th of December to rise anew on the 22nd of December. The Sun will come out of the Darkness and start to grow His Divine Light, calling us to abandon the Darkness within us and embrace the Light gaining hope from the coming Summer.

Therefore Yule is a great time to purify ourselves, to get rid of our darkness and everything spiritual or material that holds us back and start our new, better and more brilliant lives and our path in achieving our goals.

So here is a simple spell calling upon the Sun to help us purify ourselves and homes. Perform this spell on Yule’s Eve (or New Year’s Eve, or on the 13th of January).

The Purification Spell

At about Sun-setting hour light a tea-light candle, or an oil lamp, or a butter lamp in each room of your home, including the bathrooms. On lighting each candle/lamp say:

“I call upon the setting Sun to set his sight here,  and as he leaves this time and place may He takes every impurity from here”.

Now, keep in mind that at this evening the Sun sets leaving this place and this time for a new time will be born on the rise of the New Year.

After lighting the candles/lamps in every room go to your bedroom sit comfortably on your bed. Don’t lie in it, just sit on it. Perform the balancing breathing exercise. Then light a candle/lamp in your solar plexus. That means imagine a candle/lamp inside your body in the area of your solar plexus. Do not literally light a candle on your body. Then say mentally:

“I call upon the setting Sun to set his sight in me,  and as he leaves this place and time may He take every impurity from me and purify me”.

Now feel the Sun’s power removing any and every impurity from inside you, and purifying you. Give some time to this procedure and do not rush it. When you feel is done, open your eyes and if possible face the Sun (if this is not possible face West and mentally see the setting Sun) and say:

 “Thank you and Goodbye!”

May all you be blessed!

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