Ultimate Magical Elixir – First Spring Rain

Ultimate Magical Elixir - First Spring Rain

It’s time again. The wheel has turned. It’s time to let the Magic of Spring fill our Lives! Magic is all around and the regenerative powers of nature are at their peak. Persephone just came back from the Land of the Dead. Today, is the Spring Equinox. And the most potent Magical Elixir of Nature, is considered the First Spring Rain.

  • The key element of Spring Equinox is Air and the time of the Day the Breaking Dawn.

Nature Magic of First Spring Rain

There is a very common misunderstanding in Magic. Most people believe that when some spell is complicated or a ritual requires rare ingredients is the most powerful one.  On the contrary, some times, the most powerful magic lies in very simple truths and easily obtainable ingredients. You just have to tune in with Nature’s clock! This is the power of Nature Magic. 

All you have to do is focus on your desire. Here we give you our favourite Magical Elixir of Nature Magic along with the May Dew Elixir.

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The greatest Elixir you can easily acquire is the First Spring Rain Elixir. So go and place a clean bowl either on your balcony or outdoors. You can carve powerful regenerative symbols on your bowl to empower it – or maybe not. Depends on your style.

  • Now wait. When it rains for the first time AFTER the Spring Equinox let the rain drops fill your bowl.



Before you Move the Bowl into your house call upon the Benevolent Spirits of Nature and Sprites!

I call upon the Forces of Nature,  I call upon the Spring, May this Water bring me Love and Nurture, May I always be Wiser when from it I Drink!

Now store it! That’s it!

First spring rain is considered extra potent as a Magic Ingredient! You can utilize it as the May Dew Elixir but it’s more potent if it’s used in Luck and Blessing Spells.

Go out now and wait till it rains… your extra good luck is coming!

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