Beltane Magic & Powerful Spells. Celebrating the Union

Beltane Magic & Powerful Spells. Celebrating the Union

Beltane is one of the most Beloved Celebrations of the Year. It’s the time when sexual energy and joy is at its peak. We celebrate the time when the Element of the Air meets the Element of Fire halfway. We are now at the point when we can manifest the greatness of life in our hearts. 

The Sun Lord marries the beautiful and fertile Mother Earth (click here for the symbolism of the Great Rite of Witchcraft). Such a sacred this union is perceived that each child who is conceived during Beltane was considered very potent in Magic and who could see and interact with the fairies



Beltane Magic

This is the time of greatness in the four corners of the World, a time of Pure Magical capability. A time when we can work Miracles!
Beltane is at the heart of Taurus. This means that the powers of fertility, sexuality, virility and beauty are also celebrated. This is why Magical Recipes Online created many articles for you to enjoy and of course that’s only the beginning!
We recommend you to dive into the ancient Celebrations of Beltane in Ancient Greece and Rome. Read about how all the ancient Gods were involved in the Celebration.
You should continue reading the article on Bel, the God whose name lies in the very word of Beltane. Read who he is and how the Druids honored him. Then we think it’s time to check the Druids Herbal for Beltane and the Herbal Recipe for the the absolute mixture for Beltane. 
To celebrate more the Joy of Beltane we recommend you the May Dew’s Elixir, one of the most powerful ingredients in Nature Magic and of course how to create the May’s Holy Water, the most potent in Breaking spells!
Now it’s time to work your Magic! The Men’s Virility spell, one of the most powerful spells in Sexual Magic for Men is something you can always try! You can also try the Beltane Mirror spell to enhance your beauty with Magic! At last you can create the Love Sachet to help you blend with the Sexual energies of Beltane. 

A Simple Spell to increase your Charms

This is a spell cast by anyone who wants to increase his/her Charms in a magical way. Remember, today and tonight is Beltane’s Magic. A time of great magic especially when it comes to love and attraction.
  • Take a strawberry. Pick the one that it looks, smells and feels best. 
  • Cut the strawberry in the middle. 
  • Caress your hair until some hair fall on your hand.
  • Pick one or two hairs and place them in the middle of the cut strawberry.
  • Assemble the strawberry with the hair in between like it is whole again.
  • Bury the strawberry in fertile soil when the sun sets on April 30th – the Beltane’s eve.
  • Water the soil daily.
Celebrate Beltane, Celebrate Life!
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