How to create a Magical Knot Talisman. Knot Magic, Prayer and Talismans.

Knot talismans
Knot talismans

In this site we have already come across the power of knot magic in casting a spell. Now, we are going to see two ways to use knot magic as active spells. The knot talisman and the knot (praying) rope.

In both cases to perform the spell you need just a thread and your focused intention. You may use some incense to empower the spell or some magic oil, but this is up to you.

In the global history of magic and religion there are several fixed ways to make a praying rope, or a talisman with knots. The Greek Orthodox Christian church’s komposchini (κομποσχοίνι), a rosary using knots instead of beads, is such an example.

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Here we are going to discuss how to create knot talismans for your own individual and special purposes. We will also see how to make your own komposchini, or praying knot-rope, if you prefer. You can use the methods here regardless of, or in accordance to, your religion.

How to create a knot talisman:

A talisman is an object we have charged with a specific energy, or quality. Sometimes, more than just one. Then, it is passively used by the person for whom it was made, in order for them to receive the help of this energy.

Choose a colour of thread that represents the quality of the energy you want to tie in the talisman. For more information about colour correspondences look below in the chart. Then find a simple – preferably one phrase or two – prayer that says what you want to accomplice. What this talisman is going to do for you.

Finally, decide the number of knots you are going to tie. You can decide that according to numerology, or you can use some classic power numbers. The most common are 7, 9, 13, 21, 27, 33, 40, 54, 99 and 108. You may even choose to use a number that is lucky for you. The choice is yours but pre-decide it.

Color magical correspondences


Now, sit in a comfortable position. Perform the balancing breathing and clear your mind. While holding the thread, focus your intention on the purpose of the talisman, and only on this. When you are ready, start tying the knots one by one. For each and every knot, chant, or say the prayer you have chosen. You can start from left to right or from right to left, according to your beliefs but never go back.

When you have tied the knots the talisman is ready. Tie this talisman in any way you like on yourself or on the person for whom you have made it. You can practically tie this talisman around any part of the body.

Commonly, when making a talisman to promote healing, we tie it around the area of the body that has the problem. When this isn’t possible, we tie the talisman as close as possible to this area. If the the problem is a general health situation, the most usual places are around the neck, or around the waist. For other purposes, the most usual places are around the wrists, the ankles, the upper part of the arm, and the upper part of the calf. You can also use the neck and the waist or any other part of the body that you believe it is proper.

TIP! If the talisman is cut or untied by itself then it has consumed its energy and needs to be replaced. Don’t fix it. Just make a new one.

How to release a Knot Talisman:

Talismans of this nature prefer to be released in the air. Of course, if your beliefs say that the proper way to release it is in fire or water, do so. To release the talisman in the air, find a tree, preferably in the woods, and let the talisman on the branches of the tree. Do not tie it on them; just let it rest on them. Thank the talisman for the help it provided for you, and leave.

Release the talisman in this way either when it has served its purpose, or when, for any reason, it has removed itself from you.

How to create a praying knot rope (or komposchini):

I consider talismaning magic as active spells, for they manifest their effects through a period of time and use. The praying knot rope is an even more active spell. The actual creation of it, is just the start. Then, it is empowered each and every time it is used.

Again, decide the purpose, the colour of the thread and the number of the knots according to your beliefs. Also decide the prayer you are going to use.

Now, sit in a comfortable position, perform the balancing breathing and clear your mind. Focus your intention on the purpose of your work and only this, while holding the thread. When you are ready, start tying the knots one by one. While doing that, chant or say for each knot the prayer you have chosen. You can start from left to right, or from right to left, according to your beliefs, but never go back.

After tying all the knots, tie the two ends of the thread together, and your praying rope is ready. From now on whenever you need the power of this prayer, just take the praying rope, hold the first knot and say the prayer. Then, go to the second knot and say the prayer, and so on, until you have completed the circle.

TIP! As a general advise, when you make a new praying rope use it daily for at least one week for it to acquire its full power.

Such kind of ropes can be used for the glory of your beloved God or Goddess. In this case tie each knot saying a glorifying prayer to your God/Goddess. Then, when you want to thank and praise your God/Goddess take the praying rope, hold the first knot and say the same prayer. Then, go to the second knot and continue like this until you have completed the circle. Also, you can use these ropes to adorn the statues or pictures of your God or their altars. You can even burn them in sacrificial fires, if this is according to your beliefs.

Two more tips:

Use both the talismaning an praying knot magic only for beneficial reasons, and while respecting the free will of everybody, as black magic of any kind will most surely come back to harm you.

Finally, although the kind of the thread is not important, for the talismans it is better to use cotton, wool, or other natural threads. You are going to release them in nature, after all.

Have fun and live a happy life full of love.

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