Lunar Eclipse Spell to Boost your Enthusiasm

Lunar Eclipse Spell to Boost your Enthusiasm

Lunar Eclipse Spell to Boost Enthusiasm
Lunar Eclipse Spell to Boost Enthusiasm

Sometimes we would like to make a change in ourselves or our lives but we don’t. Either because we feel hopeless, or because we seem unable to find the spirit to do so. This simple spell intends to overcome these problems and to bestow upon us self-confidence and enthusiasm for accomplishing our goals as well as for our lives.

How to cast the spell to boost your enthusiasm:

The simplest way to perform the spell is this. During the time the Lunar Eclipse happens, sit in a comfortable position and recite the following mantra for 108 times. If using the exact time of the Lunar Eclipse is not possible, do it as close as you can to its actual time.

Om ayeim Brahmaand tejase namah(a)

- -

For the following 29 mornings again recite the mantra for five or nine times. And that’s it!

Deciphering and empowering the mantra of enthusiasm:

The mantra invokes the power and brilliance of the Creator to come into ourselves and our lives.

There are some variations for longer lasting effects. You can use a yantra, like the Sri Yantra, to chant the mantra upon it. By doing so, the yantra will help you to perform the procedure again, if needed, without the need of a Lunar Eclipse.

Also, while you are reciting the mantra you can make a knot talisman and then have it on your person.

Furthermore, you can recite the mantra over your favourite perfume, or even better over a magical oil, like Follow Me Boy, to empower the perfume, or oil, with the power of the mantra. Then, whenever you need this power you can just wear this perfume.

The same can be done over a crystal to have with you whenever needed.

Finally, I should mention that some believe that in order to achieve the maximum results, one should repeat the mantra without counting the times from the moment the eclipse begins, till the moment it ends. If you chose to do so, have in mind that a lunar eclipse lasts for a long time, so if you are not accustom in being focused for such a long time do not do so.

That’s it. Have fun and be full of enthusiasm!

- - -