Elemental Magic: invoke the power of the elements

Elemental Magic: invoke the power of the elements

Elemental Magic and the Blessing of the Elements. A spell to invoke the power of the elements into your everyday life.

Invocation of the Elements

The invocation of the elements is one of the most ancient forms of magic with the intention to bestow to the witch/wizard/shaman/druid (insert what suits you best) the qualities of the forces of nature that has been seen to reside inside physical phenomena and objects. For example the light and the warmth of the flame, the tranquility and calmness of water or the powerful qualities of a raging storm. (Also, do you know what’s your Element? Find it here)

Elemental Magic and the Blessing of the Elements

What are the Elements of Magic?

The elements have been seen as an expression of the divine in the physical world. Moreover, the invocation of the elements became very popular in the Wiccan community through the ritual of the Circle. A ritual which intends to invoke the protection and the blessing of the elements from each cardinal direction, purify the working ground of the witch and help him/her focus their power. A true powerful, Elemental Magic spell! (Also, see here more ways to connect with the Elements) 

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Pentagram and Elemental Magic

The Elemental Magic Ritual

While there is power in ritual, this spell/prayer intends to be simple and practical, invoking the unique abilities of the elements into your everyday life. Furthermore, the spell that we are going to see is not a creation of my own nor it has solely pagan roots. On the contrary is an adaptation of a Christian prayer which is attributed to St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. It is one more reminder that the Old Ways reside into Christianity and every attempt to silence this Old and Wise voices have failed as they live, ever burning, into the spirit and heart of human beings.

The Breastplate of St. Patrick

The Breastplate (or Lorica: cuirass) of St Patrick is a prayer that was intended to shield and protect the individual from any harm. There are many stories which are attributed to this prayer. However it is not my intention to explain them in depth. What I want to provide is a great elemental invocation that will bless, protect you and guide you through your everyday life. Moreover, the spell can be used on its own or optionally you may want to add 4 representations of the 4 elements. For example, a feather for Air, a candle for fire, a bowl of water for the Element of Water and soil for Earth.

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Summoning the Elements

Now, the spell is the following:

“I rise today through the strength of the Gods (feel free to add your deity’ name instead)
Light of Sun
Radiance of Moon
Splendour of Fire
Speed of Lighting
Swiftness of Wind
Depth of Sea
Stability of Earth
Firmness of Rock
I call upon thee, please bless my path
So shall it be!

Although, this is a simple spell it is also very effective. Like all Elemental Magic, the Blessing of the Elements will bring to you new levels of awareness and understanding. Finally, Remember power resides in simple things!



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