Chakra Cleansing – The “Avatar: the Last Airbender” method

Chakra cleansing by Aang
Chakra cleansing by Aang

Many times, on TV series or movies, Magic is presented in an unreal, bizarre or incorrect way. But some times, the accuracy is really surprising and it drives us into further investigate the subject.

In Nikelodeon’s anime “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, the protagonist Aang in order to master and control the “avatar mode” tries to cleanse his major chakras, his energy centres.

Which are the main Chakras?

Starting from the bottom of the body these are:

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  1. The root chakra
  2. The sacral or sexual chakra
  3. The solar plexus
  4. The heart chakra
  5. The throat chakra
  6. The third eye
  7. The crown chakra

How to work with each Chakra:

The method given in the anime is simplified, yet quite accurate. Even more, a very common misunderstanding is also present in the anime, and I am going to underline that. Other than that, there is a ridiculous rule that one must complete the entire procedure at once. Well, this is just for the anime and has nothing to do with reality. So, do it in your own capability. But it is important to start from bottom to top.

Now, for the first chakra, the energy that emits is this of survival and what blocks it is fear. Realise your fears, face them and purify them with your will to live a blissful life.

The second chakra teaches us to enjoy the pleasures of this world (as also the pleasures of spirituality) and what blocks it is guilt. What do you feel guilty for? And even more do you feel guilty for enjoying some kinds of pleasure, such as the carnal ones? Release your guiltiness and embrace the fact that you deserve, that is your divine right, to enjoy every pleasure in this world. Here you can find a way to do this.

The third chakra is mobilised by our will, as well as our enthusiasm, to do anything and to better ourselves, our life and the world. What blocks it is shame. In everyday life the meanings of guilt and shame are often confused. Guilt is the feeling that we do something wrong or bad, while shame is the feeling that we are disappointed from our own selves. So, find out what are you ashamed for and forgive, accept and love yourself as is.

The fourth chakra shines the light of love and is blocked because of sadness and distress. Accept the powerful healing of love and release all your sorrows from present and past.

The fifth chakra is the energy centre of truth and we block it by lying to ourselves. What lies do you say to yourself? What conditions do you have to accept yourself? All these are the lies that block the throat chakra. Face your true self and love your true self as is.

The sixth chakra rules intuition and illusion blocks it. Intuition is, in fact, knowledge we receive from our higher spirit. On the contrary, illusion is something that seems to be intuition, but is our ego that generates it. The greatest illusion of this world is that we are totally separated creatures, while in fact we are all connected.

Finally, the seventh chakra is illuminated by the pure cosmic or divine energy and is blocked by out attachments in the material world. So, to clear this chakra and receive even more cosmic or divine energy, one should release all attachments of this world. And here is the misconception of Aang and of many as well.

Attachment – An illusion of love:

Aang fears to release his attachment to Katara, thinking that by doing that he will lose her or maybe his love for her. This is also an illusion of ego. In reality, by releasing all attachments to the material world, we can enjoy this world better and we can have healthier and happier relationships. Attachment is not generated from love, neither it produces love. It is the offspring of insecurity and lack of trust to the Cosmos and it downgrades love.

So this is the meditational exercise to clear your chakra as given by The Last Airbender. There are two basic ways to perform it. The one is to go from first to seventh chakra through one session and repeat this session occasionally for as long as you need.

The other way is to give a full session to the first chakra. Repeat as many times as needed, and then go on to the second chakra, and so on.

Of course you can find another way that is more suitable for you! The most important thing is to enjoy the process. So do have fun!

That’s all. Be happy, and activate your Avatar Mode!

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