Druid’s Herbal for Imbolc


In ancient times the greens that were brought home to bless the house and its occupants during the winter solstice were surrendered in the ritual fires of Imbolc to honour the Sun God and light the sacred flames of the ceremony.

A beautiful sun incense was created to uplift the spirits and bless the inner and outer fires that burn and enlighten the Self and the Cosmos.

The actual recipe is brought to you from ancient practices and it is dedicated to enlighten your year. The herbs/plants that you are suggested to use are: bay leaves, angelica, myrrh and basil.Top it up with some red pepper, carnation flowers and orange peels to create that feel that will take your ritual to the next level. Heather and tansy can also be used to bring good luck, protection and longevity.

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The recipe for the Imbolc which I suggest is:

21 laurel leaves 10 grams of Myrrh 6-7 branches of basil 3 pinches of angelica powder 3 carnation flowers (red or white) Red pepper powder (moderate amount you don't want to sneeze all day) Few orange peels for a rejuvenating aroma

If you create the incense for indoor use then use 1/4 of the suggested incense.

May the Sun warm your soul and bless you all!

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