Herbal Magic of Jasmine


My big MRO family,

I am excited to take you on a magical journey to the amazing Queen of flowers, the Jasmine species.

Sweet, erotic, sensational, relaxing and comforting its aroma spreads effortlessly during the Spring and Summer nights creating an otherworldly scene for all of us to enjoy.

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The main parts of the plant that are being used in magic and herbal remedies are primarily the flowers and their essential oil, without forgetting that other parts of the plant can also be used. Let’s take a tour on its herbal use first, as I weave my stories and its magical use afterwards. 

Herbal uses:

My grandmother used to make a tea with jasmine flowers and passionflowers to calm the nerves, relax and rebalance emotions and mind. I can assure you that after a stressful day at work this cup of comforting tea will bring yourselves to their rightful place, the Kings and Queens of your world that you rightfully are. Even though it does not have sedative properties on me, it can promote sleep through calm and relaxation, especially if your body needs a reset. One and a half teaspoons of jasmine flowers and equal amount of passiflora (passionflower – click here for the Herbal Magic of Passion Flower) for each cup of water, boiled for 15 minutes and left to sit for another 5 minutes will make a wonderful fragrant tea for you to enjoy- remember to sweeten with honey ;). Alternatively, you can divide this remedy to 4 parts (1/4 of a cup) and drink 4 times throughout the day as needed if your stress levels hit red. I don't advise to exceed one cup per day and use it for prolonged periods of time. Remember if your stress levels are always high it may be good to revisit your daily life activities as well as think about a change in attitude.

The essential oil of jasmine was also used to ease menstrual pain. The aroma in an oil burner will soothe you and if you dilute 6 drops of jasmine essential oil in 1 and a half tablespoons of sweet almond base oil and massage to the lower abdominal area, both forth and back, may assist you with menstrual pain and discomfort. Please always remember to check for allergies such as skin reactions before application.

Let’s move on to Jasmine’s magical uses — oh yeah!!

Magical uses:

Jasmine is considered a flower of attraction which in magical terms means that it can be used in spells and magic when you wish to bring something (love, money, happiness – you name it!) in your life. It corresponds to the element of Water and was always considered to be primarily a feminine and lunar flower loved by witches of all ages globally. From a deity perspective Jasmine is closely associated with lunar female deities such as Luna and Selene and with Goddesses of Love such as Venus and Aphrodite. 

Jasmine is one of the most popular ingredients in love spells, prophetic love dreams (and prophetic dreams in general) and happiness spells. No wonder, since only the smell can heighten the senses and bring your emotional and romantic aspects to the front. Let’s see some traditional and easy ways to bring the magic of Jasmine into your life.

Young girls (boys can try this also and let me know of the results) would weave a garland made from jasmine branches which bear flowers on the day of the Full moon during Spring and Summer months (I consider Beltane and the Summer Solstice periods the perfect timing), asking the Goddess either to bring them a lover or show the face of their true love during their dreams. Then wearing the garlands will dance under the bright Full moon for Her (nudity is optional!!), asking for blessings and true love to bloom in their lives. Then going home, they will put the garland they wore underneath their pillow if they have requested the vision of their true love to appear or put the garland underneath the mattress to bring them a lover. If you feel like it you can try and let us know how did it go for you.

Sea witches will offer jasmine flowers to the sea in order to bring their love safe back home from travelling or to send romantic mental messages to their hearts’ desire.

Jasmine flowers was also one of the ingredients added to the famous “Cup of Love” spell, in order to honour the Goddess and to bring love, good health and the joys of life into our own lives. This is one of the spells that was said has inspired the Tarot’s minor Arcana ‘Ace of Cups’ card and meaning. However, it can always be the other way round :).

As a spell of attraction, jasmine flowers were used to attract money and wealth and are popularly used in incenses and oils for that purpose. One old story says that a petition to the Goddess for wealth and prosperity was asked during a Full Moon’s night in front of a Jasmine plant. A coin was used as an offering which was later buried near the roots of the Jasmine, with the promise to make wealth blossom in the witch’s life and to always smell the sweet scent of success as the jasmine scent spreads in the night sky. In addition, a house were Jasmine is planted and grows roots was said to bring happiness, love and abundance to the owners’ of the house.

Important Note

Sea witches will offer jasmine flowers to the sea in order to bring their love safe back home from travelling or to send romantic mental messages to their hearts’ desire.

Finally, jasmine as a flower of attraction was used in mixtures of incenses for summoning benevolent spirits such as angels and fairies, promoting spiritual love and affection. If you intention is to use it in such a manner be warned of the popular saying: “Like attracts like”, therefore be mentally and emotionally prepared and know your intentions before engaging in such activities. Ego will bring ego, love will bring love. 

I hope you enjoyed the magical analysis of Jasmine. May you always be blessed and lead happy lives scented with Jasmine’s sweetness and love.

With infinite love, 

The Easy Witch  

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