How to Find Your Totem Animal

How to Find Your Totem Animal

Totem Animal & Familiars are the spiritual archetypes of all animal species which act like patrons over the animal kingdom and can also play the role of spiritual protectors and mediums of the Animal kingdom, Dominion of Spirits and human kind.

Since the early ages of humanity kindred Spirits of Animals accompanied the very first men and women trying to help them connect with this world. Some believe that these spirits helped men & women to understand their capabilities of hunting, discovering, creating, swimming, building and evolving in general.

After all it’s not that uncommon to see Great teachers, philosophers, alchemist and scientists to observe nature and how animals react in order to create something very useful. Many spiritualists, shamans, mages & witches still believe that every human has at least one friendly animal spirit, called the Totem Animal, which helps him/her connect with this material world. Witches call it a Familiar, but that’s about the same.  You can browse details for some Totem Animals in previous articles like Owl, Snakes, Wolf, Crocodile, Jynx, Elephant, Koi fish and more….

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Balancing and Activating the Three essential Chakras  to Connect with our Totem Animal

Our even body has at least three ways of connecting with our totem animal via our Chakras. The most significant one its the “Earth” – “Root” chakra which connects us with this World. No matter where this chakra is located (some believe that it is located in between our feet, few inches below inside the earth while some others believe that it is located at the base of the spine) this chakra is responsible for our self-preservation, our healthy connection with our body, with nature and all the animal kingdom. It is also associated with Saturn. Unblock this chakra to feel secure and re-connect with the forces of nature. One easy way to do that is by walking bare-foot in nature. Please take every precaution needed. Magic should not overcome common sense. (Click here for the ritual to help you ground and cleanse & activate the Root Chakra)

The second chakra with can help you is the “Third Eye” Chakra which can when activated helps us perceive more than our senses can feel. By doing that you open the gates of DreamWorld and you activate your Psychic Powers . This chakra is connected with the Moon.

The last chakra is the “Crown” chakra, the one that is located few inches over the top of your head. Via this chakra we connect with the spirit world. We exceed the boundaries of the matter and we get in touch with our spiritual protectors and our guardian angels. This chakra is linked with the Sun. An easy way to activate this chakra is by praying daily to the divine powers your guardian angels in your higher self. (for an easy way to contact your guardian angel please click here)

How to meet and greet your totem Animal

Now that we have balanced our chakras it’s time to see how we can contact our totem animal. You may wonder how can I find out which is my Totem animal. According to this theory, we are already linked with this spirit. We actually do not have to do anything at all! Thus, the only thing we can do is pray upon the spirit to give us a sign, or to manifest via our dreams or in real life. How easily are you going to find out which is your totem animal depends on your capability to “see” the signs and of course how balanced your chakras are.

On the other hand you you may already know. Somehow the spirit may be manifesting since you are a child. It may be this bird which always comes to where you live, or these dogs which seem to follow you where ever you go or this snake that have bitten you when you were a boy. Remember, these spirits may just trying to catch your attention. A snake is not possible to be really friendly in real life right?

What you should also know is that a Totem Animal is believed to follow you for many consequent lives and if this animal has not succeeded to make it clear that you are connected with it, it may try to attack you in real life or via your Dreams (that would be more preferable right?). For some Shamans this “attack” is considered nothing more than a friendly poke. They would tell you, “you would not expect from a lion kind of lovey-dovey, would you”?

A ritual to connect with your totem animal

Here is a spell you can try to help a Totem Animal manifest in your life. Circle the day of the Full Moon. You are going to do this spell the day prior to the Full Moon, the day of the Full Moon and the day right after the Full Moon. The only thing you are going to need is just some honey and milk! Honey is considered one of the most potent conjuring ingredients in magic while Milk is believed to connect us with the Source, the Great Earth Goddess, Gaia.

You can do this at home or you can do this in nature. To do this is in nature make sure it’s safe first! Don’t go there where poisonous snakes lurk or wolves hunt. Let’s be serious. Magic should never replace common sense. (If you plan to do this it at home just visualise doing the following as is you were going to the Woods and after the visualisation is over, just go for a walk and leave a small cup of milk and a small cup of honey outside, under a tree or wherever you feel appropriate.)

Go to nature, find a safe spot you can stay for few minutes and when you feel ready just remove your shoes. Make sure that you’ll have no distractions. You are not advised to do this with company as it is a solitary ritual. The totem animal connects with you and you only! Sit comfortably and relax. You may want to balance your breathing with the Hatha Yoga breathing technique. Drop honey in a small cup and fill the other cup with milk. (The cups should be made of disposable ecological ingredient. Leaving waste in nature is not something that helps. Both Milk and Honey are perfect food and is a also a perfect gift to nature spirits and animals – apart from their conjuring abilities). Put them in front of you. You can now Meditate (try the simple meditation Techniques here) or just close your eyes and chant 9 times and after you’ve chanted and feel ready open your eyes:

With Love, Milk and Honey I summon Thee,  my animal spirit friend, my totem and ally, come forth and appear to me in this place, I want to meet and greet your sacred face! 

The totem animal may appear to you right now in flesh or in spirit form, or you may hear it, or you may “feel it”. Even if nothing from the above happens remember for the next days to look for signs in your Dreams or in your real life. Take notes of what you see daily and take time. Your Animal spirit will appear to you when you are ready to handle this information. After all it doesn’t want to hurt you. It wants to help you and guide you now and forever…

Have you found it? Good. See here more about its powers! 

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