The 11 Powers of Witches

powers of Witches

The Powers of Witches are real. Witchcraft is an amazing way of living our spirituality, developing ourselves day by day and leading our lives in sacred synchronicity with the rhythms of Mother Nature. As part of this developmental process as a form of evolution like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, powers or parts of ourselves are transforming and dedication to the Craft brings these aspects forward, making us wiser day after day.

Yet what are the powers of Witches?

Even if some of us believe that these powers depend highly on the individual, Italian Witches believed that following the Old Religion can bring forward the 11 Gifts of the Goddess which reside inside the human race and we can trace them in our history. An alliance between the Goddess, a true part of ourselves? Nobody can explain them with a radical/logical viewpoint ,yet magic and gifts are blooming all around us day after day even though at the moment we cannot certainly explain them.

Deciphering Aradia

Charles Godfrey Leland published the book entitled “Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches” in 1889 which is believed to be an anthropological study on the rituals and beliefs of the Pagan Witches of Tuscany. In this book, the 11 Gifts of Aradia are further explained from the perspective of the Old Ways however they can be summarised in the following list:

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powers of witches

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  • bring forth beauty
  • bring success in matters of love
  • know and understand the secret signs
  • call forth Spirits
  • speak and understand the language of Spirits
  • know the Voice of the Wind
  • cure disease
  • bless and consecrate
  • possess the power of transformation
  • possess the knowledge of divination and reading omens
  • access hidden knowledge

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Reference: Leland, Charles Godfrey (1899). Aradia or the Gospel of Witches.

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