Basic Palmistry. Initiation to the Art of Omens – the Life Line


Palmistry (or Chiromancy: from Greek Chira-χείρα & mancy-μαντεία) is the art of Foretelling the Future by “reading” the signs of one’s hands. Palmistry can be found in many parts of the World although we can notice many variations depending on the cultural background.

The Roots of Palmistry can be traced back to Hindu (Vedic) Astrology (Click here to read more about Vedic Astrology and exotic Spells from India) while others believe that comes from Egypt or ancient Persia. What is certain, is that palmistry goes a long way back to ancient times and that diviners didn’t only look at hands, but at the forehead too, in order to read the Karma of an individual.

Why’s your Wedding Ring on your 4th Finger? The basic concept for most widely spread type of palmistry is rooted back in the ancient Greek Religion. Each area of the palm and fingers is related to a god or goddess, and the features of that area (lines, bumps etc) indicate the nature of the corresponding aspect of the subject. For example, the ring finger is associated with the Greek god Apollo (click here to read more about Apollo, God of Prophecy, Arts and Sports). Bearing in mind that our (traditionally golden) Marriage Ring is worn on this finger, we invoke the power of Apollo in our Lives to bless our Wedding, whether we know it or not. You see Apollo is the god of Sun and Gold corresponds to Sun, therefore by wearing the Golden ring we call upon the forces of Sun – Apollo. I chose to explain this to make it even clearer that Palmistry is not only a method for foretelling the future (and the past) but is also a powerful system for remedies and charms. 

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In these Series, we will help you decipher Palmistry, in a simple, yet effective way, in order to read your hand and your friends” palms. The basic framework for “classical” palmistry (the most widely taught and practiced tradition) is rooted in Greek mythology. Each area of the palm and fingers is related to a god or goddess, and the features of that area indicate the nature of the corresponding aspect of the subject. For example, the ring finger is associated with the Greek god Apollo.

A reader usually begins by reading the person”s dominant hand. This is our most powerful hand – usually – the hand we write, the hand we use for most things. 

The Life Line

Location: This line extends from the edge of our palm above the thumb and travels in an arc towards the wrist.

Properties of the Life Line:  The Life Line is an indicator of your Vital energy & your life’s major events. Moreover it portrays your physical and psychological wellbeing.

Your life line does NOT indicate the actual length of your life. However, it can predict if certain times of our lives cause stronger emotions. Furthermore, your life line can predict karmic events which may change the way you perceive everything.

Did you find the Life Line?  What does my Life Line say about my future? Let”s Begin: 

Α Long & Deep Life Line:  A long & deep Life Line usually indicates a healthy individual with stamina a vigour. This individual lives his/her life passionately.

Α Short & Deep Life Line:  As said above this does not mean that this individual is going to have a short life. However it means that he/she overcome difficulties. The person with a Short & Deep Life Line is a survivor. It also means that he/she can easily be manipulated by other people.

A Thick Life Line: A thick Life Line is an indicator of physical well-being making it an omen for physical work and/or success at sports.

A Faint Life Line:  The individual with a faint Life Line means that he/she knows how to preserve his/her energy. It may show less enthusiasm too (depending on the other lines too especially the Heart Line).

A Short & Thin Life Line:  This person has the ability to weight his/her life”s demands and knows what to chose. This person probably has the wisdom to stop when his/her energy levels are depleted.

A Broken Life Line:  The broken Life Line is an indicator of sudden change in one”s life. It shows that it”s very possible to flee (escape) from certain situations in Life. It may show that this individual may start a completely different Life when he/she grows older.

A Multiple Life Line:  If you have multiple life Lines (two, three etc) it means that you got great levels of Vital Energy. It may also mean that it is likely to attract your soul mate, the one who magically completes you. Moreover, a multiple Life Line is a “spy indicator”. This means that this individual may have a secret life!

A Chained Life Line:  A Chained Life Line is an indicator that your Vital energy does not run smoothly in and all over you. You have read that it is an indicator of poor health but this is not the case. It just means that you got energy blockages which you need to soothe in order to obtain a healthier body with less anxiety.

A Life Line with an Island:  A circular formation in between the Life Line indicates that at some point of this individual”s life, s/he is going to encounter a very challenging time. Whether this is going to be a need for isolation, or a health issue or even maybe imprisonment depends on other signs. The important thing to understand is that this island talk about confinement.

Short Lines crossing / cutting the Life Line:  This is an indicator of anxiety. This omen tells of multiple situations which cause anxiety and a feeling of uncertainty in someone”s life. Whether what causes this anxiety is serious or not is not the question. It just means that the individual who bears this signs is almost always anxious.

A Life Line ending like a Fork: This means that later in life you are going to be really busy chasing your career or choosing another – more demanding one. It may also mean that you are going to change where you live later in life. 

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