Common dreams, What do they mean & Astral Projection


Everyone dreams at night. There is no human at all who doesn’t, even if they have stopped remembering their dreams (which is common). For many reasons, we might tend to repeat the same dreams. These Common Dreams play an essential role to our psyche as well as other … more mystical roles.

Common Dreams and Astral Projection

Astral Projection is a very common and natural procedure, in which our Astral Body is disengaged to the Physical Body and “travels” in the Astral Realm, a different plane to the Physical one yet closely attached to it. Our Physical Body and our Astral Body are two (amongst many) different “frequencies” of energies, two “bodies” which co-exist. Each “body” subjects to the Laws of the corresponding Plane.

Therefore, the Astral Body, is free from the Limitations of the Physical one. Our Astral Body can fly, can run faster than the speed of light, can go back in time or even sink in the depths of the deepest ocean. Our Astral Body receives several stimuli while it travels and collects this information “feeding” our spirit and our higher self. When we wake up this information is often coded in forms of these common dreams. Some of the following most common dreams are kind of “proof” that we astrally traveled last night…

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1. Flying

One of the most exciting feelings ever been felt by humans- the feeling of flying. Flying was a burning wish for mankind which came true only the past century. Flying out of your reality, flying over your problems, watching and observing as a bird what you’ve been facing before you go to sleep. The feeling of flying is so intense that the next morning you wear a smile so bright that your Aura radiates.

Psychologically Speaking these common dreams of flight are often related to troubled times, when you feel you lack control over your life and your subconscious minds looks for an escape, which is why you want to fly so passionately. The higher you fly in your dreams the more confident you will feel the next morning- ready to take your life back in your hands!

Astral Projection: There’s a reason why Astral Projection is also called Soul Flight. These Common Dreams of Flying can be memories of a powerful Astral Projection. Maybe your subconscious wants you to remember this dream only to dig deeper to what you saw while you were flying. You do that a lot you know. I mean Flying. Your astral body has no restrictions to gravity. It’s pure will. You want to fly? You fly. You want to dive deep in the ocean? That’s ok. You want to feel the soil on the Moon? That’s ok too! There are no limits to what you can achieve or do.

2. Falling

Don’t tell me that you have never been waken up by shaking your body rapidly as you just saw that you were falling in your dream. Regardless if the ground have swallowed you or you’ve just fallen down from a high mountain, the dream is actually the same.

From a psychological perspective, this disturbing sensation of falling occurs when we feel like we are close to the point of emotional breakdown. It happens often when we face major difficulties at work or we feel lost after a breakup. It is an omen that we have to take our lives back in our hands and start directing our frustration in a more creative way.

Astral Projection: Maybe this is because, occultists believe that a dream of Falling may be the moment when our astral body is “accidentally” disengaged from our physical body. The moment of disengagement is a very powerful moment and it can sometimes be felt as a frightening experience. Our powerful mind “transforms” these stimuli into dreams of Falling. However, the moment of disengagement can also be viewed as the most interesting experience you can even feel. Once you remember you’ve disengaged from your body, you will remember it forever.

Common dreams

3. Dying

Other very common dreams are this of watching yourself dying and/or even attending your funeral. It is usually a very sad dream and we often wake up with tears in our eyes. However, after a while, a feeling of relief washes our senses as we feel alive again and able to achieve everything.

In psychological terms, these common dreams of dying is a message from our subconscious that we need to put an end to something that haunts us and sucks our life force. Death is a powerful end, a new beginning and in psychology, the instinct of death is associated with self preservation. Our powerful spirit explains to us that Death is essential right now, and this part of ourselves who believed in that job or this relationship may have to die so that a new person may be born.

Dying is also viewed as an experience in the magnificent Astral Realm. When we “die” we literally give birth to our astral selves. Death is not the end, Death is never the end. Death is just a door to another realm and this is a knowledge our Spirits possess no matter if we are aware of that wisdom or not. So the next time you’ll dream you are “dying” remember that you may have just experienced a life-changing experience and with the proper practice you may soon be able to Astrally Project whenever you want!

4. Driving an out of control Vehicle

You “are driving” your car and you notice that you cannot reduce speed… on the contrary you are going faster and faster. You feel anxious and as adrenaline rises you wake up with your heart beating really really fast. Well it was just a dream… fortunately!

In psychology, a dream of riding an out of control vehicle is a clear message that you need to take things slowly and re-evaluate your goals. You lead a fast life which goes faster than what actually makes you feel comfortable and is also a sign of stress. You may be doing so much the past weeks and although this is probably helping you, your body, mind and soul ask for your help and try to get your attention. You need to meditate and find quality time for yourself and remember to take things one at a time.

In Astral Projection, time and speed are felt completely different from the physical plane. What lasts there minutes might last hours in the physical plane or vice versa. Moreover, when we astrally project we often find ourselves “testing” how fast we can move. It is a wonderful feeling but when we do it unintentionally we might experience it rather anxiously as the speed we can reach is unthinkable in the physical plane for the rational mind. However, when you are ready to do it intentionally, flying to the Moon and back -in a blink of an “astral” eye – is such a wonderful experience.

5. Pregnancy

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. Dreaming of being pregnant is a unisex privilege. These common dreams usually start by not being pregnant but realising it in a while by looking at your tummy. It’s usually a shocking experience especially when the one who dreams of it is a guy.

From a psychological perspective, these common dreams of being pregnant are actually omens that you need to create something new, something that will drive you out from the routine and possible misery of everyday life. Your creative mind tries to break through in order to give birth to new concepts, ideas and experiences. Being pregnant is a sign that your past life has nothing more to offer and you need to explore more and chase new experiences.

In astral projection there is a term called “silver cord” or “golden cord” or even the “cord of light” also known as the sutratma or life thread of the antahkarana, . This is the link between our physical and our astral body. Many who travel astrally have “seen” this cord, while others have never ever observed it. No matter if we see it or not, this cord exists and usually begins from our physical body’s navel, the former link from which our mother nurtured us. This link between our physical and astral body can never been broken. Occultists believe that this link is broken only when we die. While different theories exist, we support the claim that this link cannot be broken during an astral projection.

6. Being Chased

You walk down the road and you realise that “eyes” are watching you. You accelerate your speed while you hear footsteps right behind you. You are “right”! Somebody is following you. You speed up and so does s/he. You run faster than you can without knowing what this person/entity may want from you and you wake up trying to catch your breath.

In psychology, being chased is a metaphor which our subconscious uses to notify us that we’ve messed up with our lives, as we are being “chased” by daily obligations which we cannot easily get away from. What we need to do is program our lives better and evaluate our goals and our daily schedule in order not to end up freaking out.

In Astral Projection we wander all around the plane and it is highly likely to meet and greet entities which we have never met before. This might “shock” us at first as we have never “seen” this before – at least not that we remember of. Imagine watching a powerful Water Elemental. Although, itss beauty is unprecedented, due to the nature of Spirit and the lack of previous experience, we may feel awkward or afraid and we try to run away from it. These entities might want to chat a bit with us. Well it’s natural for us to be afraid of something we don’t know and we usually end up running away from them. These common dreams are probably a concealed “astral” experience of this kind.

7. Showing up Naked

We go to work and we are ready to join this important meeting but right before we open the door we realise that we are naked. We realise that we are not strippers – although even strippers may have a dream like that – and we start to feel embarrassed and try to hide away from all these people. Well first of all why? We should be proud of who we are, right? Ok, I guess this “outfit” it’s not the proper one for a formal meeting in our everyday life-unless we feel super confident 😉

In psychology,  these common dreams are regarded as a sign that we might need to come clean with something we hide very deeply in our hearts. Something that if we present to the Outer World we will feel exposed. Did we cheat? You don’t have to say it out loud, just to yourself and of course try to fix what needs to be fixed.

In Astral Projection, when we project, we do not project with our clothes on. The Astral Body does not wear any clothes, unless we want to. If we project unintentionally and without proper information of it, we might catch ourselves realising that we walk down the streets, or being at work, or attending a classroom … NAKED! This is later being transformed as a dream like that. Well, congratulations first of all for that body… and for this Out-Of-Body experience!

8. Water

We are swimming in clear – or not clear – waters. We feel the chilling waters refreshing our bodies. We may even sink or dive. We might even feel like we are drowning but this is just the end of a dream like that.

In psychology, Jung regarded the Ocean and the element of Water as a common symbol of what unites us all, what has been named as the collective unconscious. Although we feel alone in the Water we are at the same time connected to everything and everyone around us. When we dream of Water we dream of everything that we perceive as life. For example if we see we are having fun in Water we are probably having fun in our lives too. If we feel we are drowning, then there is something that pulls us down- oh well… we need to take some decisions and break free of our burdens.

In astral Projection, the feeling of flying in the Astral Plane is similar to being in the Physical Plane while swimming. We do not feel gravity. Gravity does not exist. Moreover, when our Astral Body is re-engaged to the Physical Body, we might feel like we are drowning back in a heavier plane as the Physical Plane is “much more heavier” than the astral one. This is why an Astral Projection is a liberating experience. The Astral Plane is much more appealing. Similar to the notion of falling or being sucked out, the feeling of drowning bears the same sensation, a pull which helps the soul get out of the heavier frequency of the physical body, while moving to the lighter frequency of the astral body. This transitional phase is similar to swimming, where our concept of gravity is altered and we are floating.

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