Dark Times of the Zodiac Signs

dark times

No matter what your sign is, we’ve all been through hell (at least once) in our lives. Dark times are parts of our lives. A wise one would notice omens of despair when start acting completely different than he/she used to. Should a friend (or himself/herself) acknowledge this change, advice is essential in order to help.

How to “Diagnose” the Dark times of the Zodiac Signs

It makes no difference if he/she is going through “a phase” or is just disappointed about a failure or even something more serious is related. Asking for help is something wise. We all feel hurt sometimes. The trick is to embrace the feeling and look how to change that!

Here is a list of omens when a certain Zodiac Sign feels hurt. The Dark Times of the Zodiac Signs

Aries in Darker shades:

The mighty sons and daughters of Mars are conquerors. They always fight to win more. And they never stop fighting or asking for more. When they surrender, it means that something really bad has happened to them.

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Taurus in Darker shades:

Love, beauty and Sex are the fuels that fire up Taurus. When they stop looking or talking about them a Taurus is deeply hurt. Love is the key to unlock their hearts.

Gemini in Darker Shades:

The ever-moving and ever-thinking Gemini is always looking for answers even to questions that have never been asked. When a Gemini runs out of ideas it means that their magnificent brain deals with a deep emotional wound.

Cancer in Darker Shades:

Water is the key element to Cancer. Tears and Sweat is what always accompanies them. To see a Cancer cry or sweat is to know they are alive. Of course crying all day is terrifying too (it also shows Water abnormality) but what is even more terrifying is to see a Cancer feel drained of his/her emotions.

Leo in Darker Shades:

They are the kings and queens of the zodiac. They are the ones who feel their divine royal heritage more than any sign. When they lose their confidence and seem really humble then something may be terribly wrong with them.

Virgo in Darker Shades:

Everything should be organised and practical in the eyes of a Virgo. Small rituals like morning bathing is what defines them along with that clean minty fresh odour. When a Virgo looks dirty or smells weird it seems like they have no longer need for these rituals as their world may fall apart.

Be worried when…

Libra in Darker Shades:

Peace, beauty and harmony is what defines them along with diplomacy. They know how to act in public and they really possess this ability to understand the ways and mechanisms of our society. When they are furious or rude, something maybe terribly wrong.

Scorpio in Darker Shades:

Power is what comes with Scorpio. They may always look for more power but they are the ones who came so close with their instincts and therefore feel really secure. When a Scorpio is powerless it seems like a really big threat is present.

Sagittarius in Darker Shades:

Even if they are not always smiling they have always faith in something that cannot be described. As sons and daughters of Jupiter, they know that someone really good watch over them, no matter if it’s called God, Goddess, Fairies or just themselves. When faithless, they may be in real trouble.

Capricorn in Darker Shades:

They have the stability of Everest and the passion of a dragon. Capricorns tend to accomplish – nearly anything – even if this means they have to sacrifise their lives. When a Capricorn quits, trouble is around.

Aquarius in Darker Shades:

Their social circle is ever-renewing with interesting and different people. When an Aquarius needs to stay alone it means that he/she has lost the will to meet and have fun. This may mean that he/she is deeply hurt.

Pisces in Darker Shades:

Ever swimming in fantastic worlds, ever trying to change this brutal world into a faery land. When Pisces stop dreaming they have severe issues to solve. Pisces Dark Times are dreamless days and nights.

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