Restore health & Vigour Spell


It goes without saying that when we face health issues we should always consult our medical doctor for his/her advice. Modern medicine is – in many ways – powerful magic. However, magic can still be used in order to strengthen any medical practice and help us nurture our self-confidence. Magic is not a substitute to modern medicine.

Witchcraft is in fact the use of all possible natural resources to bring our desired outcome and this also means accepting and embracing solutions that are already offered (as the powerful solutions of modern medicine).

Casting this spell may automatically make you feel refreshed or it can guide you towards finding a way (or a cure / or a practitioner) which will ultimately help you overcome your issues. The spell will succeed either way! Lore: Hygeia (greek: Υγεία = health) is the daughter of Asclespius, the ancient God of Medicine. Hygeia is the personification of a body – mind  and spirit 100% healthy. She was invoked to restore and bring health to anyone. She was summoned in ancient temples in order to heal – or guide the patient through dreams or other states of altered awareness to his/her salvation. Still her divine image is used in hospitals and medical institutions. 

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Time of Spell: Do this spell on Sunday, while Moon is Waxing. Sunday is the Day of Sun and Apollo, and Hygeia was a close friend to Apollo, the God of all medicine. Hippocrates Oath invokes both Apollo and Hygeia. 

What you are going to need: 

*A Yellow or Golden candle which represents our vital energy, the energy of the Sun – Apollo & Hygeia.  *A piece of paper and a red pen (if Dragon’s blood ink is available its even better) *Francinsense and charcoal 

How to cast the spell:  At night, when no one will interrupt you, draw this sigil. The sigil represents the absolute harmony and power of the Pentagram while invoking the Goddess of Health, Hygeia. The Greek letters (ΥΓΕΙΑ) and the latin equivalent (SALVUS). 

Once you’ve drawn the symbol, put your yellow or golden candle above the sigil (upon a candle-holder). Right before you go to sleep light up the candle and burn some francinsense. 

Chant nine times:  Sky above me, Stars so bright  Hear my plea upon this night,  restore health and vigour in me,  the spell is done, so mote it be!  

Visualise yourself being refreshed, invigorated. Once you are ready extinguish the flame and go to sleep. Repeat for another 7 consequent nights until next Sunday. Measure time so that the candle will last until the end of the spell. Keep the sigil in your pocket as a talisman.


If the talisman starts to face away repeat the spell. 

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