A Devil’s Trap’s Recipe

Devil's Trap
Devil's Trap

What is the Devil’s Trap?

TV series Supernatural has taught us mistakenly that the Solomon’s seals are the Devil’s Trap. As said, this is untrue. Devil’s Trap is actually an old recipe, which intends to do exactly what its name suggests; trapping the malevolent energies (and maybe entities) coming towards us.

The original recipe, powerful as it may be, is also quite toxic. That is why we faced the need to create one that is at least not as dangerous to use, but still potent for the purposes of the original.

The Botanical Recipe of Devil’s Trap:

After not so few experiments, we have finally created one that does the job properly. The botanicals you will need are: Cloves Rue And Basil. Powder them. Mix equal quantities of each herb and there you go! This is it! Devil’s Trap is rarely used as a botanical mix or incense if you prefer. Still, if you want to you can put the mix in sachets and hang them on the doors and windows of your home, shop, or any other place. Remember to put them outside of your home (for example when door is closed the sachet remains out of your home).

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The Devil’s Trap water and oil:

What we usually use is the liquid form. If you are in an urgent need of it, boil 10 teaspoons of this herbal mix in just a cup of water for about 10 minutes. Strain, and use the water.

For better results put ten teaspoons of the mix in a cup of a carrier oil, which can be sweet almond or jojoba. Seal the bottle and let it rest for about three months in a warm place, but avoid direct sunlight. Shake the bottle regularly. After the three months strain the oil bottle it. This is your Devil’s Trap oil. Its scent may not be as strong, but that’s ok.

How to use the Devil’s Trap:

Whatever the liquid, use it to anoint the doorknobs and the keyholes of the doors and windows leading outside your premises. Repeat this every week. Before reapplying, wash the door parts really well and sprinkle some holy water. This will keep most of malevolent spirits and psychic attacks outside your premises.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t banish spirits and negative energies that have already entered your home. If this is the case cleanse the premises prior using the Devil’s Trap.

It is not recommended to use the Devil’s Trap on your body in most of the cases. Later on, I will give you a small ritual that actually does that, but generally this is not recommended. Nevertheless, if you are going to go somewhere you believe you’ll face spiritual enemies, you may have with you a sachet with the botanical mix. Bury the sachet outside your home when returning.

There is a very good reason we don’t use the trap inside our places. As the name implies, the mixture traps the negativity. It doesn’t banish it. And as happens with all the traps, when overfilled, they start emitting the negative energies. Keep this in mind always.

A final note of caution:

Clove can cause irritation of the skin (in the liquid forms) and rue (again in the liquid form or if you actually eat it) can cause pregnancy problems or difficulties in achieving pregnancy for women, so avoid it in every form when you are or intent to be pregnant.

That’s all. Have fun, be safe and take care.

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