Astrological Predictions for 2017 – CAPRICORN


The energies of the planets are getting more and more powerful even though this year is going to give you just a taste of whats coming in 2018-2020.

This is a year to let things go and feel independent and free.

Saturn from your 12th house is going to make you feel isolated, alone and a victim of a cosmic fraud against you. At some point this may be true as planets are indeed “conspiring” to push you into some kind of isolation but this will not last forever. This year is about sacrifice for the greater good (not always yours). As the months will pass by, you will feel that career and progress in that area is all that matter to you but this is just an illusion. From Autumn you will see the truth and you will begin changing the way you feel and think. Saturn will come to your sign in December and this is going to help you take your life back in your hands. 

- -

Career and Money: The 10 first months of 2017 are going to give you the opportunities you were looking for. By the end of December you will feel the powerful energy of Saturn.

Love and Romance: This is not a very helpful year in these areas. You might feel alone even if you are married or in a relationship but this is a very important step in order to find yourself again and reach for what makes you happy. 

- - -