How to Reverse Bad Luck

A simple spell to turn bad luck to good.

Reverse Bad Luck
Reverse Bad Luck

Here we are going to see a very simple spell to drive away bad luck.

By casting this Spell, you will open yourself to Good Luck by removing obstacles caused by misfortune. You can use this spell as is, or in combination with the Reverse Bad Luck spell. Click here to read the previous spell.

Spell to reverse bad luck:

You’ll need:

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  • A White candle
  • Fast Luck oil
  • A candle holder
  • Matches

Anoint the candle with the Fast Luck oil. Click here to read the Magical recipe of Fast Luck oil. Do that starting from the middle of the candle towards the tip, towards yourself. Then turn the candle around and continue anointing it, now starting from middle of the candle to the bottom, towards yourself again. The main focus is to bring good luck (to replace the bad). That’s why we anoint the candle in a summoning manner.

After you have done that, hold the candle in your hands, and even stroke it, or role it between your hands, until the candle feels quite warm, and maybe softer.

Then bring it close to your mouth and whisper to it, as if you are entrusting a secret mission to it:

“Candle chase bad luck away, bring good luck for me today!”

Repeat this for a total of nine times. Then put the candle to the candle holder and light it. Let it burn completely.

Always take all fire safety measures and don’t leave candles burn inattentively.

You can repeat this spell as many times as needed. You can cast this spell during a waxing or a wanning moon, but preferably during the waxing moon. The main focus of the spell is to bring the good luck towards you to replace the bad luck, as we explained.

That’s it. Have fun and enjoy your good luck.

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