Colour Magic: What Energies each colour attracts

colour magic

Magic isn’t just about complex rituals or spectacular spells, it’s also about the everyday ways you can bring magic into your life and your home. I know what it is like to feel the need to do something but your mind goes suddenly blank, so here are some ideas, tips and tricks to being that magical flare to every part of your life. Like… colour Magic!

“Magic is a blessing and shouldn’t ever be a chore”.

That”s why we Love Colour magic! You can use colour in many different ways from the clothes you wear, to the accessories you wear or carry with you. Each colour radiates a certain spiritaul frequency, therefore it attracts different kinds of energy. So for example by wearing your favourite red scarf it can boost your self-confidence. (Click here for more information about candles and colours!)

As we also read in the article about the Colours and Aura, when we lack of some spiritual energy, we thirst for this colour and we tend to surround ourselves with items of this colour: “Have you ever noticed that for a certain time you tend to buy clothes or other objects with the same color? You may thirst for this color your whole life but almost always this changes as we grow up. ” Read more here.  Let”s begin with the Magic of Each colour and its correspondences:

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White Colour Magic

…is an exceptional colour, and represents purity, unity and perfection. White is a colour of new beginnings, a clean slate, but at the same time represents wholeness and completion. White isn”t stimulating to the senses to say the least, but has a profound effect on the psyche, but it can create a state of creation, and what your mind can conceive, you can create.

Black Colour Magic

…is associated with things that are hidden, the secretive. The mysterious and the unknown. It”s a colour, by it”s nature, that keeps things hidden, but also protects from external emotional stresses and traumas. Black is in essence the absorption of all colours, and the absence of any light. It”s the opposing force to the colour white, and while we wear white to stand out, while we wear black to hide ourselves. From a psychological standpoint, black is a very powerful colour, and at times the power of the colour makes it an intimidating, unapproachable and downright unfriendly at times.

Grey Colour Magic

…is a very unemotional colour, it is the “sitting in the fence” colour. Grey is a very detached colour, neutral and impartial. It”s a colour that is associated with indecisiveness as well. Grey is a mixture of black and white, themselves being “non-colours” and depending on which is the more dominant of those colours, the meaning shifts…. Closer to black, more mysterious. Closer to white, more illuminating. Grey is a colour associated with stability, calm and composure. It is also a colour that is associated with wise manhood and womanhood.

Red Colour Magic

…is a very powerful, warm and positive colour, and is a colour that can be associated with most of our physical needs, and our ability and will to survive. Red is a exceedingly masculine colour. Red is a motivating colour, it inspires ius to action. It is also a strong-willed colour can give those who are a little shy the confidence, it the colour that awakens our life force. Red is the solour of sexuality, passion and lust. It can stir deeper and intimate feelings such as love, but it is also a colour that can also indicate anger. It can be agitating, and if you are surrounded by too much red you may find you become easily irritated with this around you.

Orange Colour Magic

…is a colour that effortlessly combines the physical energy of red with the joy and cheer of yellow. It”s a colour that exudes warmth. Orange is a colour that is closely tied to the “gut feeling” of your instincts, which moves away from the physicality of red and the intellect of yellow. Orange is an uplifting colour that has rejuvenating properties, which can help recover from grief, disappointment and despair. It can being a positive outlook even on the dreariest of days. Orange is extroverted, uninhibited and a social colour, it helps with communication in social situations.

list of colour and its magical properties

Yellow Colour Magic

…is the brightest colour on the spectrum, and in a psychological sense it is a very uplifting colour that often inspires hope, joy, happiness, fun, and is basically a very cheery colour all round. Yellow is a colour that is largely associated with the logical side of the brain, and because of it”s uplifting qualities it also helps to stimulate the mental faculties. It is a colour that inspires the curious nature and inquisitiveness. Moreover, yellow is such an enthusiastic colour that pulls out optimism and confidence from the dark parts of the psyche.

Green Colour Magic

…is a colour of balance and harmony. Green works with the heart chakra and the emotions and helps to create equilibrium between your head and your heart. This is a colour of renewal, rebirth and growth, a colour that epitomises Spring. It is a powerfully positive colour, it is the mediator between parties, the peace maker. Furthermore, it possesses a strong sense of right and wrong. Green will look at all sides of situation and will take the moral path, and do what it best for most people. And yes, Green can be possessive and materialistic

Turquoise Colour Magic

….is the colour that helps to open the lines of communication between the heart and the voice, and helps you to communicate what you are feeling to those around you. It”s a happy and friendly colour. Turquoise sits between green and blue on the visible spectrum and related to the Thymus Chakra – this is the one between the heart and the throat chakras. It”s a colour that effortlessly radiates calm and tranquillity of the colour blue with the uplifting energy of yellow – as turquoise is a mixture of blue and a tiny bit of yellow.

Blue Colour Magic

…is the colour of trust, honesty and loyalty. This is a colour that exudes confidence, and always does the time thing in hard times. Blue is a colour that seeks peace and tranquility, but also helps those around to feel the peace and calm that it seeks. It promotes relaxation for the mind and the body. Furthermore, blue is the helper, the one who rescues the damsel in distress, and will always be there for those in need. It is always the giver, and always like to build lasting friendships and relationships. Blue is associated with speaking the truth through the throat chakra.

Indigo Colour Magic

is a deep midnight blue, it is a combination of deep blue and violet and holds the attributes of both. The colour indigo is the colour of intuition, and is associated with the Brow (Third Eye) Chakra, and this colour helps to open the third eye. Working with Indigo while meditating helps you achieve deeper levels of consciousness. In “New Age” terms it is the ability to use your higher mind, and higher consciousness, to go beyond the five physical senses. Indigo also means a deep devotion and wisdom

Purple Colour Magic

…is a deeply spiritual colour and throughout history it has been associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, mystery and magic. While purple is a mixture of red and blue, however the violet ray is the highest vibration of the visible spectrum. It can assist in exploration of the “meaning of life stuff”. Both purple and violet can aid in dream recall, and psychic gifts and awareness

Pink Colour Magic

…is a colour that represents love, compassion and the understanding of self-love and the love of others. Pink is a feminine colour which is romantic, affectionate and kind. Pink is a mixture of red and white, and depending of the amount of the dominant colour, the meaning will change. More red, action, passion and power. More white, insight and sensitivity. Pink is a very loving energy, and is a non-threatening colour, but don”t take it for granted. It can still pack a punch when it has to.

Silver Colour Magic

…has a very feminine energy, and is closely associated with the Moon and the flow of the tides. It is a fluid, emotional, mysterious and sensitive colour that has an innate calmness to it that can soothe the most irate of souls. Silver is a colour that can cast reflection to help you illuminate a way forward in difficult times. It”s a colour that is good for releasing and cleansing of negative energy, and once these have been freed, you could find new paths that were hidden before. Silver is a very intuitive colour, and is great when you are wanting to expand your intuition and other psychic gifts. It can act like a mirror, and reflect any energy that is given out, regardless of what kind of energy it is.

Gold Colour Magic

…is the colour most associated with wealth and success, achievements and triumph. The Olympics use Gold to represent the Winner of any specific event.   When you look at the colour gold you associate with abundance and prosperity. It can also imply material wealth and extravagance. Gold is the colour of masculine energy, and the power of the sun, and denotes warmth. Gold is an optimistic and positive colour, and is linked to the higher most chakras – The God”s Head Chakra.

Brown Colour Magic

…is a very serious, and very down to earth colour. It is the colour if the earth beneath your feet, and it”s because of this that brown is a very protective and supportive colour. Even though Brown is a serious colour, it is also a very friendly and very approachable colour. It”s a colour of loyalty, trustworthiness, and is very practical. Brown is an honest colour, and is also genuine and sincere.

Nixie Vale is the creator of the Ramblings of a Rainbow Witch page and group on Facebook. She has always had a gift with words, and she has combined that with the deep love and passion for her craft, and her fascination with history. Moreover, Nixie has a profound connection to colour and it”s use in magic and it”s psychological effects, she has always had an interest in the natural world, from animals to crystals, and Nixie has taken all of these and fused them with her love of literature.

As a teenager Nixie began learning Tarot and she has also learned about other forms of Divination and incorporated these into her repertoire of skills. Nixie is also a very creative person, having crafted jewellery, sewing and a plethora of other interests. She has been writing about witchcraft for the last 6 years, and after being urged to share these “ramblings” she created her page. Nixie is a trusted member of the facebook Pagan community and has worked with many in different ventures

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