Candle magic is an easy, affordable and uncomplicated form of casting spells empowered with the Element of Fire.

ire Magic has been practiced for years and later in the History of Magic the power of a single Candle has been acknowledged as a powerful tool to be used in spells and magical practices recorded in Grimoires and Book of Shadows of modern and not so modern Witches.

Fire acts as a magical battery and the element will empower our spells and rituals as well as speeding the outcome that we want to achieve. Traditionally, before colour and paints were developed, candles were made out of beeswax, were relative expensive and they only existed in one brown/yellow colour. In our modern societies, candles come in multiple colours and it is also an excellent idea to incorporate the power of colour into your rituals.

Modern Witchcraft has created Magical correspondences depending on the colour of the candle. Colour is a powerful stimulant for the brain and as our vision is the sense which is the most sharpened in our era, it can really bring out a lot of energy from our unconscious self. So here is the list of Candle Colour Meanings that you can use in order to give a splash of colour in your magical practices.

List of Candle Colour Correspondences

However, one can argue that the above list can be general and not all people will relate with these meanings for each colour. As the most important factor is you here is a little exercise on how you can actually find out more about how you feel for each colour.

How to find your own personal colour meaning?

Take a piece of paper and divide it in two. At one side write the list of colours you are interested in and on the other half start writing the impressions, images, feelings, intuitive messages that each colour generate for you. Try to look deep for the answers. Why you like this colour? and why you dislike this one? Why this makes you feel warm and happy while this makes everything gloomy? Why this colour makes you feel beautiful and why this colour makes you feel clean? The list you create can act as your guidance on your personal meaning for each colour and of course you can incorporate it in your magic moving forward. The more you learn about yourself and the more powerful you become. Candles in Divination

Finally, candles has not been employed only as our magical messengers of our will to the Universe but can also be used in divination to look out for patterns in our future. The art of ceroscopy has been a great divinatory tool that has been used by Witches as well as divining the future in a flame. We will provide more information and exercises for the latter in an upcoming article.