7 Symptoms Of Living In A Haunted House

A simple guide to help you find out if your home is haunted

7 Symptoms Of Living In A Haunted House

Do you live in a haunted house? This may help you find out.

Have you ever wondered if, or suspected that, your house is haunted? Contrary to what we see in most movies and series, living in a haunted house isn’t so easy to realise, most of the times. Unless, of course, you deal with poltergeist, as they make their presence clear in most obvious ways.

Other than poltergeists, a house might be haunted by ghosts, artificial elementals, elementals or evil spirits. Those can hide their presence intentionally or conditionally for some time, or even for a long time. Ghosts are usually extra careful when a new presence is in their area, while some artificial elementals are active only in certain periods of the lunar month or the year.

If you suspect evil spirits resident in your house, you need to perform a proper exorcism. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, then don’t. Ask for the help of an expert. We’ll see more about this case in later posts.

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haunted house
is your house haunted?

So, what are the symptoms that usually appear in a haunted house?

Do you regularly feel like someone is watching you?

Especially in darker areas of the house or during night, you may feel like somebody is watching you. Alternately you may see movements of “figures” close to you with your peripheral vision, but when you turn around nobody and nothing is there. If this happens often, it’s a good possibility that non-matterial entities are there. The peripheral vision is easier to catch a glimpse of them.

Do you often hear unreasonable sounds?

You are alone in your home and you are in your room. Then suddenly hear a knocking on your rooms door or footsteps outside of it. If this happens often, or always under the same phase of the moon, then it’s a good possibility you are not really alone.

Do things disappear?

Have you noticed that things disappear from where you have putted them? Sometime they may reappear in a totally different place, while other times they may never reappear. In some cases, when they reappear they may seem pretty worn out. If this happens often enough, it’s a good possibility you live in a haunted house.

haunted house
is your house haunted?

Do your electronic devices act peculiar?

Does your mobile’s battery discharges way faster in your home than when not there? Does your television changes channels without somebody using the remote control? Do you here interferences on your radio or while talking on the phone? These are just examples. They can, just as easily, occur in other electronic devices as well. If things like these happen often, you can start thinking your house is haunted.

Similarly, electric devices like a fridge, lamps etc can malfunction or burn very easily. This is possible to appear from the same kind of spiritual interferences.

Do things break without a reason?

You drink a glass of water, leave the empty glass next to the sink, then leave the kitchen. Shortly after you hear this glass breaking. You may actually know it’s this glass that broke and nothing else. You run back to the kitchen and see this glass in pieces on the floor. Do things like this happen often? If so, you might be living in a haunted house.

Do you have low energy symptoms?

Do you feel you need more sleep than usually? Or, maybe, do you get tired more easily? Is your health not just as good as it used to be? Do you have a bad luck? Most probably nothing extreme but lot’s of small things. These can be caused by your low energy levels, which can be caused by your living amongst the deads. Also, they can be caused by vampiric influence. Check this article on the subject.

Phantasm breakings. Have you encountered them?

As previously, you drink a glass of water, leave the empty glass next to the sink, then leave the kitchen. Shortly after you hear this glass breaking, and probably you know it was this glass. You run back to the kitchen only to find the glass in place and nothing broken. Have you experienced similar things?

Even more, same example as before, but you actually find the broken glass on the floor. Then you go to fetch the broom, return to the kitchen and the glass is unbroken back on its place, and nothing else is broken. Have you had such experiences?

If things like these happen often, then you most probably live in a haunted house.

Some final notes:

There are much more symptoms a haunted house can have depending on the nature of the beings haunting it. These are probably the most common ones. Keep in mind that other than what we named “phantasm breaking” all the others may occur once in a while without actual supernatural causes. So, don’t jump into conclusions. Only if many of them happen or they happen often enough you have reasons to think your home is haunted.

What do you need to do? First of all, calm down. Contrary to the common opinion, most of the hauntings wouldn’t make a good horror film. Or even a bad one. Yes, it is a good practice to cleanse a haunted house, but there is no need to panic most of the times.

We are going to see in a following article a gentle way to deal with ghosts, artificial elementals and elementals. Unless you have a reason to feel you are in danger, in my opinion this should be the first step one should take. But, if you feel you are being threatened, then either perform a proper exorcism or ask for the help of an expert if you can’t do it yourself.

That’s all. Have fun!

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