Predictions for Monday, 7 August 2017 – Lunar Eclipse of the Sturgeon Full Moon

Predictions for Monday, 7 August 2017 – Lunar Eclipse of the Sturgeon Moon

predictions lunar eclipse august 07 2017 sturgeon full moon

General Astrological Predictions: The Moon opposes Sun exactly at 18:10UT, causing a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. The energy of this eclipse shows itself since the previous New Moon and will continue to be active until the next New Moon, but now it is on its pick. Whether you’ll feel the most of it on August 07 or 08 depends on the place of the world you live, and therefore when exactly the eclipse happens for you. As the Moon not only opposes Sun, but also Mars, the energies of this eclipse are very unstable and we are on the edge.

The Sun in the 15th degree of Leo conjuncts with the Star of Isis, goddess of All Magical Wisdom, mistress of Healing and secrets. This is a very fortunate star Dubhe (the bear – as it’s part of Ursa Major). This star is also known as Krathu, who is one of the Seven Sages of Hinduism.

MARK THIS DATE: August 07 – 08 Lunar Eclipse – Sturgeon Full Moon

This Lunar Eclipse will WAKE up our Magical Powers! All we have to do is attune with the Magic of the Day. Why don’t you Wake up your Magical Powers with a Power Awakening spell? See here how! (More magical advice at the end of the article) 

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lunar eclipse august 07 2017 predictions
This Lunar Eclipse, Opens the Gate of Isis, a Portal of Magical Powers and Wisdom

The luckiest signs will most likely be Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The ones who will suffer the most are probably Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio.

Predictions for Aries:

This eclipse has great power over you as the ruler of your zodiac is affected. It is a wise choice to keep yourself calm and take things easy. There are events of great importance happening in the lives of your friends and family and they affect you, mostly in a negative way. They can be unpleasant themselves, but even if they are not so, they are very stressful both for you and for the ones experiencing these changes. Your home also may require your attention as some things will need fixing.

Even more, you’ll be forced to evolve and change the way you see yourself and your spouse. You’ll realise your dissatisfaction about how people see you, and you’ll feel the need to change this image. Try to avoid forceful and hasted reactions, but take notice of the insights and act wisely accordingly. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Predictions for Taurus:

Try to avoid taking important decisions about your work and business during this period, if this is possible. If you have your own company, alone or with partners, acting is probably going to be forced to you. Choose correction instead of abandonment and modesty instead of big investments. These are the best kind of choices in most cases. Your job superiors or your parents or parent figures, will stress you too during this eclipse. Brawls are almost certain, but a change of a boss, a divorce of parents may also happen or threat to happen.

Take extra care of your mobile, computer and all such devices. Back up your important files. Your vehicles are also not immune to this eclipse, and neither are you while using them, so drive extra carefully. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Predictions for Gemini:

Sudden and unpredicted expenses may put you off course in your financials. Your work will also be a cause of stress. So act as wisely as you can in these areas. Also, avoid long trips and trips to other countries. At the very least they will be more problematic than helpful or joyful. Friends and relatives living abroad may also cause you some distress.

Students may find they want to change their educational path. In some cases this change may be forced on them by their institutions. This is mostly stressful but there are supportive influences too, so in most cases it will end up being a good thing. Siblings and people you consider like siblings may experience some emotional dramas and you’ll be worried about them. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Predictions for Cancer:

Always the Lunar eclipses have greater impact in your life, but I believe this is a breeze compared to the previous ones, so consider yourself lucky. Your lover or spouse will probably feel the power of this eclipse much more and you’ll be affected only by the financial kind of changes they will have to deal with.

Studying yourself and making the desirable changes is an energy that is boosted by this eclipse. If you do it willingly, the eclipse will be even more gentle. If not, it will force this experience on you in a much more unpleasant way. Changing your appearance according you your taste is also encouraged, and it would be a wise thing to do. Just don’t overspend on that. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Predictions for Leo:

Your dreams will probably be a cause of distress for you during this time. Often nightmares are very possible. A bad quality of sleep may also occur. It is true that prophetic dreams are also possible, but don’t count every nightmare as prophetic. It isn’t.

Legal issues also can surface or go down to a solution. This can be either a very beneficial or a very negative one, so take the best care you can about such issues. Changes in studies, teachings and personal philosophy is also very possible. This is more stressful than negative, though. Travelling in foreign countries is something you should completely avoid if this is possible. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Predictions for Virgo:

Do the best you can to relax during this eclipse. It won’t help you at all, but stressing more, will just add up to the problems to come. Take a very good care of your health. Problems can appear, reappear or resurface. In most cases these are of a passing nature but they can give you a great deal of fear and disappointment. Accidents also can happen and even serious ones. So, once again, take a very good care of your health.

Financial upheavals and even changes of job are likely to happen to you and your spouse or lover. Other than trying to stay calm and manage your financials the best you can, there is nothing more to do on this subject. So, yes, you need to be calm. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Predictions for Libra:

This eclipse is rather easy for you. It will affect almost only your love life and not necessarily in a bad way. If you are in a relationship or married, all problems related to this relationship will come to light. Deal with them calmly and with an open mind and this will better the relationship. On the other hand, if the relationship isn’t good enough and strong enough, a break up or divorce is either going to happen or it will become obviously that is going to happen in the near future. Unpleasant as it may be, this also is a good thing in the long term.

The same influence, for those who will receive it beneficially will bring a new relationship or the evolution of the current. Therefore, an engagement, a wending or a wending proposal are all possible. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Predictions for Scorpio:

Avoid having a busy schedule on the day of the eclipse and the days close to it. Spend some more quite time in your home and relax and rest. Well, there is no guaranty that this will happen even if you try your best, though. Your house or apartment may be a cause of distress as well. Problems of any kind, demanding repairing, are possible to occur. Your parents or parental figures of your life also stress you. They are short tempered and ill tempered. Be patient with them or avoid them, if this is possible.

Students can be affected greatly by this eclipse and changes in their studies or abandonment of them is possible. Even if you are not a student your life philosophy and your relationship with the divine can change. Job and career will be affected as well, and a change there may occur. Be careful as to not be forced to abandon a good job for no real reason.

Avoid travelling if possible. At least avoid it on the day of the eclipse. Also, take a good care of your health but don’t panic with every little thing that will occur. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Predictions for Sagittarius:

This eclipse will affect you mostly indirectly. Siblings and sibling figures, business partners, spouse or lover and close friends will be primary affected and through them you’ll be too. Also, if you have any children, try to be a little more protective of them these days.

Your financials are mostly affected. Avoid signing contracts, and try not to fall victim of any scum. Gambling is not advisable either. Your contact with death and the other realms is very strong this days too. If you engage in activities with those realms be extra careful as the energies are strong but not harmonious. Communications and commination equipment can be troublesome. Take proper care even of your social media and your posts there. Minor problems in your vehicles also are possible, but this will mostly affect you financially than health-wise. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Predictions for Capricorn:

Your money are affected by this eclipse, and so does your financial schedule. There is a good possibility though, this to be in a beneficial way rather than a problematic one. Unexpected expenses are possible, mostly to take care of some problems of your home.

Your lover, spouse or your children are not in an emotionally stable condition, so be patient, understanding and loving towards them. Break ups are possible, but not very much so. In most cases all the tension will eventually settle down and strengthen the relationships. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Predictions for Aquarius:

This eclipse raise your fears about health issues. In most cases there is no strong base on these fears, so don’t be overly worried. You may, though, be forced to change your dietary habits for a short or longer period. Also do drive more carefully and walk around more carefully. Car accidents can happen during this time.

Appearance becomes important. A change there is very possible, and in most cases symbolise an inner change that will happen. If you are working in bettering yourself, things will become easier during the eclipse. If not, the eclipse will force you to do so, and it won’t be a nice experience. Teenagers may find the eclipse more dramatic as unwanted changes in their lives will be forced upon them. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Predictions for Pisces:

For those involved with a spiritual path, this eclipse can be really important. Major changes may happen. They are good, although they may don’t seem as that immediately. Your spiritual teachers, for example, may change or just stop teaching. Be calm. Something better is coming. Growth in your path will happen, peacefully or not.

Other than that financials will affected in many aspects. People around you have their own financial problems and they may burden you. Unexpected expenses or salary cuts may also happen. In most cases though, it is a low tide. Try to manage your money the best you can, and brighter days are coming soon. Sometimes exactly because of these low tides. Also, take a good care of your children these days. Their health may be sensitive. CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMPLETE PREDICTION FOR 2017

Astrology and Magic:

The day of an Eclipse, the energies are very strong, yet not easily manageable. Read the article about the nature of the eclipse magic and decide if you want to cast any spell. If so, wish manifestation is very strong. Also, August’s Full Moon is very potent in connecting us to the realm of the Faeries and Elves. Be extra cautious if you are going to do such thing under the eclipse’s power.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.

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