Witch’s Whisk – Fairy Magic

Witch's Whisk

The Witch’s Whisk is a powerful charm of the Old Witches used for cleansing and banishing purposes. Although simple, this charm has long been credited as a magical tool drenched in fairy magic. Why? Because it is made of Blackberry twigs. Blackberry is a fairy plant. 

When to Make a Witch’s Whisk

During Waning Moon (see here why) a witch would search for a Blackberry bush/tree. Waning phase of the Moon is considered to be very potent for banishing, cleansing and protective purposes.

Traditionally blackberries or parts of the tree should not be gathered after Old Michaelmas Day (11 October) as the devil (or a Púca) has made them unfit to eat by stepping, spitting or fouling on them.

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How to pick the twigs – Respect the Fairies

The s/he should make an offering to the tree spirit asking permission to cut some twigs. Remember, blackberry is considered to be plants of the fairies thus any interaction or hint while approaching a tree should be taken into consideration. For example, if you feel a bad vibe while trying to cut a twig look for another tree. The Fairy spirit has just given you a very important vibe. You may notice some unusual fairy activity during this process. Be aware. 

  • Once you’ve found the perfect blackberry, cut a handful of twigs (4-5 inches). Water the plant and leave offerings to the fairies, like a small dish of honey, milk or homemade cakes.
  • Leave the twigs to dry for a whole lunar phase.
  • Bind the twigs on one end – preferably with a red thread.
  • Ask for the fairies to bless this tool with their Might.

The Witch’s Whisk is now Ready!

How to use the Witch’s Whisk

  • Hold the Whisk from the bound part.
  • You may want to hold a dish under the lit whisk to gather the ashes.
  • Use the smoke as part of a cleansing ritual intentionally trying to ward off evil influences.

The smoke of the Witch’s Whisk was used to:

  • exorcise Evil Entities and negativity
  • cleanse and consecrate the space
  • ward off misfortune
  • banish illnesses from the house and all inhabitants

A chanting which is traditionally associated with Blackberries is the following. Chant it three times, knowing that you frankly invoke the powers of Brigid, goddess of Fire, Healing and Protection. The same chanting is used for healing purposes.

“Three ladies came from the East, One with fire and two with frost, Out with thee fire and in with thee frost.”

Blessed be!


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