Candle Magic 101 - make a simple spell with candles NOW

Candle Magic. This may be the most famous practice in the history of Witchcraft. Candles have always been associated with magic, religion and all spiritual and divine practices since antiquity. Here we are going to give you simple rules on how to make a simple candle – powerful tool for magic. All you need is the right candle and your desire!

Why Candle Magic is strong

  • Candle Magic blends two powerful types of magic. First of all the intense Magic of Fire. Fire is a dominant Element of Magic and Nature. It’s bright like the Sun, warm like its flames. It can burn, it can give life , it can destroy but can also purify. Here, in Magical Recipes Online, we love Fire Magic because it gives instant results. It’s magic when you need it.
  • Another part of Candle Magic – besides fire – (traditionally) is the Beeswax. Although you can always use a plain paraffin coloured candle, the truth is that, most Witches choose the Old Ways.

Why Beeswax candles are so powerful ?

We choose beeswax because it’s considered to be a sacred tool. Bees we believed to be the spirits of Aphrodite’s priestesses (Venus). Let me remind you the symbol the priestesses used in the Temples of Aphrodite is the Pentacle – the most magical symbol of all time! Therefore, beeswax and candles made from it are believed to be extra potent in magic.

Step by step Guide for Candle Magic.

1.Focusing on your intention

First of all you have to make up your mind. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you really want to achieve with this spell?
  • When I achieve it, will this make me happier?
  • Is this spell good for me?
  • Is it ethical? (ask for guidance. Is this spell conflicting with anyone’s free will? – never mess with black magic! )

Once you’ve answered these questions we have to design the elements of the spell. Beginning with the right colour of the Candle(s) we are going to use.

2.Choosing the Right Colour

Modern Witchcraft has created Magical correspondences depending on the colour of the candle. Colour is a powerful stimulant for the brain and as our vision is the sense which is the most sharpened in our era, it can really bring out a lot of energy from our unconscious self. So here is the list of Candle Colour Meanings (CLICK HERE for candles and colours) that you can use in order to give a splash of colour in your magical practices.

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beeswax coloured candle colous
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2. Carving the Candle with our Desire

Once you’ve figured out what colour you want, you should carve the candle with your wish. If you wish to draw something towards you, write the name of your desire (for example “LOVE” or “MONEY”) from the top of the candle to the bottom. If this spell is done for something you want to dispel, write it from the bottom to the top.

3.Spice it up! Anoint the Candle with a Magic Oil

You can enchant your candle with extra magic using a magic oil, life Fast Luck oil or Follow me Boy by Anna Riva (see here the review) – depending on what you actually want to achieve.

Magical ways to anoint a candle.

Summoning Way: To bring something to you – attract it – you anoint the candle by starting from the middle of the candle towards the tip, towards yourself. Then turn the candle around and continue anointing it, now starting from middle of the candle to the bottom, towards yourself again.

Banishing Way: To banish something from you – repel it – you anoint the candle by starting from the middle of the candle towards the tip, towards the opposite direction of yourself – out of you. Then turn the candle around and continue anointing it, now starting from middle of the candle to the bottom, again “out of you”.

4. When to do the Candle Magic

Night or day it really does not matter. But you should attune with the phases of the Moon.

5. My desire, my Rules

The most important part is while you light the candle to clearly state your wish. Talk to the flames. It’s a living spirit there. Ask exactly what you want and how you want it. Do not try to convince the flame. The flame answers only to passion.

Just fuel yourself with the burning desire and express it to the flames! Project your will to the candle. Embody it with your desire. Now let it burn until its over.

DISCLAIMER: ALWAYS take fire safety measures! Practice magic responsibly!