Creepy Broadcasts Interrupt TV Stations In USA with warning messages

Creepy Broadcasts Interrupt TV Stations In USA with warning messages

This sounds like a horror movie or a sci-fi one where aliens are about to colonise the Earth. It certainly is really creepy. Well, if you live in California you’ve probably already know what we are talking about. By the end of last week, citizens of California came across a rather disturbing series of creepy broadcasts interrupting regular TV stations programme.

Creepy Broadcasts spread panic

Without any notification ‘warning alerts’ flashed on the TV screens. This emergency alert was followed by a creepy voice which was declaring that extremely violent times have just arrived. This went on for several minutes until TV stations were – again without any notification – resumed to their scheduled broadcasts.

What did the Creepy Broadcasts say?

There were several messages actually making no sense at all. A Hitler-like voice was warning US citizens that ‘extremely violent times will come’. This probably caused the most panic. This led to several phone calls to the Police stations and TV services.

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Another sci-fi inspired message was admitting that ‘the space programme made contact with … they are not what they claim to be’ . The recording actually continued by saying that they infiltrated us. ‘they have infiltrated a lot of, uh, a lot of aspects of military establishment, particularly Area 51, the disasters that are coming… the military… I’m sorry the government knows about them…’. This actually reminded me of the Harry Potter’s last episode where Harry along with all the guests in the wedding are informed that the Ministry of Magic has fallen.

Gizmodo noticed ‘the audio on both recordings was easily traceable, the first belonging to a conspiracy theory radio show called Coast to Coast AM in 1997, and the second from a Christian radio program.’

This actually happened 2 days before the ‘upcoming’ catastrophe which was prophesied by hardcore Christian fundamentalists on September 23. (Read all about it here). The creepier part is that it remains unclear why the audio warning of ‘extremely violent times’ was picked up with the alert and why the TV stations did not stop it as it was ‘On Air’ for several minutes.

The Rapture may not have happened but this message tried to terrify a lot of people. Some may have hacked the Emergency Alert System (EAS), a government’s tool which allows authorities to take control over TV and radio stations in times of emergency in order to broadcast important alerts, like extreme weather conditions or other severe conditions like wars. Let’s all hope this hatred will stop!

Watch the YouTube Video here.  Did anyone of you watch it LIVE? 


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